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Object storage suppliers: We want your big data

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Atmos is the one to beat? Really? Research reveals a different story.

Chris, despite ignoring excellent object/cloud storage systems from Nirvanix, Scality, Cleversafe, NetApp, Amplidata, and HDS (although this one is more of a CAS than an object/cloud storage) the comment about Atmos feels like EMC propaganda vs. market realities. Every customer bake-off I have seen with Atmos in the mix chose a product other than Atmos. EMC sales leads most archival opportunities with Isilon and/or Data Domain, not Atmos.

Based on market success, you would have to say the SMB public cloud storage service to beat is Amazon; the Enterprise or SME public cloud storage service to beat is Nirvanix; the most resilient private object/cloud storage system to beat is Cleversafe; the largest private object/cloud storage container in production is Cleversafe; the largest public object/cloud storage container in production is Amazon; and the list goes on. Candidly, I do not consider EMC's Atmos a leader in any category. EMC is a fantastic marketing and sales organization that sells more storage systems than anyone else; however, object/cloud storage has been to date mostly a swing and a miss..



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