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Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review

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Not really for the hell of it

Apple's retina is 2048x1536 = 1024x768 doubled (original iPad)

Nexus 10 retina is 2560x1600 = 1280x800 doubled (Nexus 7 resolution + fairly common on other Android tablets)

Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't

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Re: Not particularly accurately, though

Most content is 16:9, so 720p is 1280x720 and as such won't quite fit on a 1024x768 screen.

Movies on iPad Mini would be 1024x576, 576 lines is SD...

Apple Lightning adaptors reveal limitations

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Re: Standrad connector not the real point

I read it as "in a bid to reduce the number of (types of) phone power supplies in circulation and thus minimise the number of them ending up in landfill...."

If your new phone works with old charger you're more likely to keep and use it in some way and less likely to throw it in landfill.

Though didn't Apple lead the way on this by not including AC adapters with iThings?

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

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Re: Get it at the same price as an Ipod Touch..

Nexus 7 8GB - £159

iPod Touch 8GB - £169

Nexus 7 16GB - £199

iPod Touch 32GB - £249 (no 16GB available)

Am considering it for much the same reason - better video experience than a phone screen, without the 10" size/cost. Lack of SD card the main drawback but how many movies can you watch in one flight?

New Oyster online service goes live at TfL

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Re: What's new?

If I recall correctly, the buses aren't wired up to the live system, and only download the usage when they return to depot. Doing it all real-time wouldn't be reliable or fast enough (even at stations the second saved compared to reading a paper ticket significantly increases throughput)

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

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They'll have been taken of to Carphone stores I imagine. To sell on nice long contracts.


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