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14 sailors die aboard Russian cable spy, er, ocean research nuke sub after fire breaks out


"Earlier today America's Vice President Mike Pence cancelled a scheduled trip to return to Washington, DC, but so far there has been no confirmation that the move was in response to the Losharik disaster"

I don't understand the link here

$30/month email upstart Superhuman brought low with a blast of privacy Kryptonite


Sales droids love this kind of service, despite the fact that the mailing lists they buy almost always contain a few honeytrap addresses and so get us on various SBLs

"I sent 50,000 emails this week and I have 30 read receipts to show they have been read - that's worth at least XXXXX $£"

Wankers the lot of 'em

Hot desk hell: Staff spend two weeks a year looking for seats in open-plan offices


"They found conversations between staff fell by 70 per cent when they moved to an open plan space, while emails increased dramatically."

Open Plan does not equal hotdesking. I have never worked in anything but an open plan office and find that sometimes the numerous conversations can be very distracting.

Open plan also allows you to see if someone is actually at their desk so you can go and speak to them, not like the cubicle farms the yanks seem to love so much.

Intel gets court order telling former engineer to return confidential docs in Micron row


Re: I'm confused

From this article:

Intel and Micron had a partnership to develop a non-volatile memory technology called 3D XPoint, which Intel offers in its Optane solid state storage devices. The silicon vendors parted ways last summer to develop the technology independently.

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook


Re: Re "Idiot tax"

We get it, you're an apple shill.

Can you now please stop peddling the same boring mantra time after time?

My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day


Re: Hmmm. Maybe it is time time to..

On this logic I declare any Hard disc smaller than 1tb redundant.

Still might be usable on an Amiga or PS2 etc.

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU


Re: New name?

I am thinking VisualGit or VisualSourcePlatform...

Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!


it all sucks balls

I hate Jira. It just does not fit for non devs.

Add to that I hate confluence too. It is the most non intuitive piece of crap I have ever used

O2 wolfs down entire 4G spectrum as pals fiddle with their shiny 5G band


Airspan Spectrum Holdings Limited, the US small cells company, had not won spectrum in either band.

Bit of an over ambitious company name then...

He's cheesed it! French flick pirate on the lam to swerve €80m fine, two-year stretch in the clink


Re: Not helping themselves

The only reason I download movies is so I can have a digital copy of a DVD I already own so I can watch it from various devices around the house should I wish to.

Yes I still keep all of my DVDs too as SWMBO likes to be able to just "put a DVD on" as opposed to pressing a few buttons on the remote.

You had one job, Outlook! Security bug fix stops mail app from forwarding attachments


Re: "file attachments were getting cut out of messages when forwarded to others"

Can we just remove the "Reply to all" feature please?

can be done in group policy

Ice cliffs found on Mars and NASA says they’re a tap for astronauts


All set for Quaid to activate the reactor

"Theeeez peeeepel neeed aiiihhhrrrr"

A drivers’ guide to upgrading your IT to a hybrid cloud engine


Re: Has the author also managed to establish...

Did you not see the "sponsor" of the article?

This article was Supported by: Rackspace

Nvidia: Using cheap GeForce, Titan GPUs in servers? Haha, nope!


Re: How can they stop you?

I always thought WD-40 was not a penetrating oil

plus-gas for me every time

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics


@will Godfrey Re: Last of it's kind?

Except those kids are all permanently attached to phones/tablets. Even the ones that _may_ have ventured into Maplins or shops like it would probably have access to an Amazon Prime account.

Games-mart Steam halts Bitcoin payments


Re: The only thing more volatile than Bitcoin


I can play F03 and NV on my xbox one absolutely fine.

As for Fo1 & 2, well...I could unpack my Amiga I suppose

After seven-hour operation, the ISS has a new 'hand'


"Canadarm2 is any old gripper"

Isn't shirley?

Another reason to hate Excel: its Macros can help pivot attacks


Re: Strip them all

So how do finance send/receive all of their lovely mashups to partners in your org?

Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears


Same here and on 2 of my devices at exactly the same time.

Ad-slinger Opera adds ad-blocking tech to its browser

Thumb Up

Re: Alas, Poor Oric!...

Another one here...and I still have it along with the Atmos I bought from a friend.

Embattled Barracuda Networks looks for buyer – report


When the price of a virtual appliance is near enough the same as one of their hardware units I am not surprised they are struggling, yet Gartner had them as one of the up and coming ones to watch...

Fujitsu pulls a muscle, drops out of race for £530m broadband pot


Re: Disgraceful waste of our money

"they would get it too, maybe a little later, but arrive it would

This from a Government that claims to support the free market. Not, methinks."

Yoda? is that you?

Trekkies detect Spock's Vulcan homeworld ORBITING PLUTO


Live Long And Prosper?

Falklands, Cardiff lie beneath track of rogue Phobos-Grunt


You should have 'manned up' and not posted anonymously and then been able to use the appropriate joke icon....

But you're probably a southern softie eh...?

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