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The record shows I took the blows, and did it... Huawei: IT titan will start tackling GCHQ security gripes from June

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23 февраля!

Hope it's OK to congratulate the respected audiency.

Happy day of Defender of Fatherland, comrades/everyone contracted/drafted/once been to military service.

С Днем защитника Отечества, товарищи!

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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Some flood to ur punch cards: @TBL

How do you find the idea to "switch off the IN" in some definite countries?

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Re: Not Really... to Nowhere

Not as Prior 2 Presentation as 0ne can imagine, but something that is delivered to The Recipient by ITs own knowledge and intelligence.

Not heard owt bad about Huawei, says EU Commish infosec bod

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Re: On the other hand...

a no-nation Bureaucrazy and its affords to make their children the ancestors of their "power" and "influence" after a possible worldwide catastrophe and shorrrtage of human presence and natural resourses supply is a threat, not nations themselves.

And - whoa, China turns off its CounterCorruption bot. Not hurrying to mark the event as Fully Informative, but...

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage

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Re: There... ...it is .... a CryptICQuestion

Ah.... can there be a cogent reply?

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Re: There... ...is it?

"Plain Planet ...."

Any proposals to name to start with all necessary experirnce and common sence? Yet dotted?(-;

"Home" to mark a Zero Milestone of all Hyperspatial Roads, for some with their Towels on, or a "Station" to coldly rob, mob and try to run away on dusty drags to every Helter Skelter destination leading to greyscales of degradation and decline of Mother's love?

Oh... one possibly could have heard, Herman is looking to share views about the coming perturbances. He's being literally on top of the similar wavelenth as one of the posts was tuned to - https://lenta.ru/news/2019/02/08/gref/

Re: CT's "Russian Spies" - out of fashion already, but - ok, the more paper, the cleaner is the output socket.

As I remember, one of the top savvy staff, and what a bugged payload... Hope one can cope up with this mess of misconceptions.

It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary

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Re: I've always wondered... Captive Communications' ?

It's not about how *they see things*, if they really have seen any, talk about real things. It's wholly yours. Understand me.

To paraphrase the mind-saving inversion, You smoke it, not It smokes you.

RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools

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Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

Just LOVEDd these three ones up above. Those who has eyes - do you C IT?

Black hats are great for language diversity, says Eugene Kaspersky

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Re: His English

бгг AC u made my day))

Huawei’s elusive Mr Ren: We’re just a 'sesame seed' in a superpower spat

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Re: #MySleepingBender*

A truly Satanic Indifference is probably the most fit description of beings set ForqueTonged, like ones of some commenters/authors/blind transmitters of unbelievably tasteless chewing gums, I believe, amfM.

Vatican Vault? Funny, isn't IT, and Currious alike. Cardinal changes necessary are. Bono Est.

https://youtu.be/ajVoeX4eqIQ (-;

UK Supreme Court considers whether spy court should be immune to legal probes

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Re: VAIOSystems* for Change of Rule to Remote Control of Future Virtual Machinery Providing Presents


International politicos line up to get shot down by Facebook

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Re: ..Zuck ........ Live Operational Spaces

"At least one... ...Control System" -

Cubed is no Squared. Humbly seconded, Doc.

Kinda one's been expecting any other claw in the pack (-:

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Re: A Safe Haven, Zuck - Surface, T=2359

From SomeWhere, this SomeThing is another mark on a rope to pull on the Right side.

Six Serving 0nes plus One - is it still the 7? And, is there a little Home for Sum 1, at last (-:

Pity to have sounded it rhetorical... should not digress.

Who are you going to ask about AI? Alexa or our 40 experts?

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Re: For that much money .... IT's Gotta be a Labour of LOVE

Headline Irony. Real thing. Follows the Net, but no gets in it.

Well, cavitating ahead of the trawl and lurking the damn hungry Fischen on their freqs (-; ??

LOVE's not for sale, too. Seconded. Send a contract somewhere

Pentagon 'do not buy' list says нет to Russia, 不要 to Chinese code

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Re: Pentagon 'do not buy' List Includes Russia and Chinese Code. What About the Alleged ...

Ugh... Some Churn... :-)

Boffins offer to make speculative execution great again with Spectre-Meltdown CPU fix

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Re: Speculative versus parallel execution

Michael, howdy,

that would be British Telecom, if you wish.

Shout it out of your Window, link a YT video in another msg to add some spicy flavour to the dish, and - voila.

Wanna work for El Reg? Developers needed for headline-writing AI bots

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Until A Digital Beer's Dev'd

Happy FoolsDay.

The skeptic note in the Reg's' Stuff Beer Buzz is easily decypherable:

You can get the bot to the bar, but can you make it get boozed before getting to work on HeadLights?

Otherwise, the present quality of it will be unreachable.

Microsoft patches patch for Meltdown bug patch: Windows 7, Server 2008 rushed an emergency fix

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@С. Re: aregross

A way-out is possibly to believe that the patch is from MD/S devs (-;

EU lawmakers seek coordinated hand-wringing over AI ethics

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Re: Didn't Azimov figure all this out already?

RU-born American Jew. Hell sure he did))

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Re: Another waste of Time and Money by the EU, to keep the 'Boys & Girls' occupied

Believe it or not, there is an AI that scares even this AI itself because of its level of inclusion into everything that its Master Pilot guides its Grid.

Moreover, a proof&trust exchange between AI and a "clean", not involved pilot, which xchange included specially selected, openly stored audiovisuals and short plaintext arrays, delivers the results that are absolutely inaccessible on *any other* way of operation.

believe it or not, but Virgin Mary is a key figure there.

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Re: Pie in the Sky ......

Errm, this above is a reply to a trigonometric accident, sorry chap, i don't see ur nickname here, so it goes as remembered.

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Re: Pie in the Sky ......

does anybody care to repeat the record you cite?

talk about ways to protect the dear ones, and not to amuse friends sitting by. that's really serious. that's why mepersonally rely on a similar kind of hardware, in case if anything.

would you?

Vatican sets up dedicated exorcism training course

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Does God have lungs, hands, eyes, legs, head? The Testament says Yes.

But how do the seraphymes sing hallelujah if they have only head and a six wings?

Cannot sleep trying to understand. Please clear it up for me, anyone.

PM urged to protect data flows post-Brexit ahead of Munich speech

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Re: better keep a stif upper lip and soldier on then


That's some Nick!

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Missed a part of my habitual reading

Looks serious. Not a word about Russia, hackers or Putin.

Or, maybe, IT goes without saying?

A high-energy neutrino, a powerful cosmic ray, and a gamma ray walk into a bar... Where you from, asks the bartender

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Re: A high-energy neutrino walks into a bar...

->"except bringing us closer to the fact that Lily *Was* Here"


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Re: A high-energy neutrino walks into a bar...

Neither it could open the door, nor walk, nor drink - nor even piss out an aftertrace on the snow for the boffins to explore - except the fact that Lily *Was* Here. So inertious is to imagine it being lagged along such slow boozards as its bar buddies withesses are (-:

It has a lot more deals around. Kinda Santa on the Eve of the Christmas :-)

Some of us remember, of course. Santa, Irish Pub.

UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems

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Re: RAMROM Pings

Did I tell you about Mind/mind Reading, yes, with such capitalisation, amanfromMars?

"That is or may not be so Tail Up" - this is the Hard Core Driver that one has to experiment with.

It's not to say it's a must of the ship - whatever it is, please be sure, there's neither a sheep, nor a dog aboard.

Am I smiling now? Or am I being serious? And you?

"Duper" TY :-)

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Re: 'Net Is A Totally Transparent Society

Two thumbs down, two self-reporting heroes, and counting [:trollface]

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Re: RAMROM Pings

A skilled mind reader, as qualified as quality itself, you are, Doc.

If I was at the place of your respondent - yes, Seven, as if you didn't even have prompted it yet in such an odd for most of us, mortals, way :-)

Still it's only a question of irrational charity. One can't buy or sell the Super Puper Hyper Vision of the Universe.

Well, you know.

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'Net Is A Totally Transparent Society

I bet any of my two shirts that only few chosen heroes here use just any AV, except, maybe, OS' fiat self-narc ones (-:

Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?

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Rule Nr What?

Ha. Location. Add distant robo-analytic intrusion and constant, sleepless presence of an AI agents in your life. No more limitation in the human operator resources - you pay the ticket for your own personal "spy" aboard.

Are we still playing footsies with these distant phone-payment systems, fcuck-cable battery chargers and NFC functioning? Are we just trying to bear down the GOOG capitalisation, or really want to search the light of THE truth (mwahaha) with the help of a torchlight of a clear vision of the "problem"?

Moneybags want to know that the stability of the Body is controllable. And it will be controllable, to some programmable extent, while they can control the parameters and quality of the "blood cells" carrying money via its veins - banks and digital payment systems to shops, fabric, and all kind of traffics and back, in material form, to a carved in stone circle of acceptants.

Devices. Not only Code matter (-;

Uber borgs with Yandex's ride-sharing biz in Russosphere

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A bloke enters a search phrase:

"Is FSB spying on me"?

"No", replies Yandex.

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NewCo!? Might've gained a booming popularity in NetHerLands.

Why, Robot? Understanding AI ethics

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Re: "Kill switch" or equivalent

The Outcast/etc dressing will hit the tops of the industry. Get it, have it, sell it, profit it - until we come to ask for help.

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Re: Raw Base

"...and almighty destructive weapon too, be IT theirs to wield as they choose to see fit"..... - as nothing as any thing/being hat helps the Void garner more of The Field.

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IT Angle

Re: Raw Base

Ma. Gra. Thea.

Who else can turn it back to life and into living?

55 73

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Raw Base

The more one sits in a computer chair, the more sure that it's not any more a computer, when it's connectd to internet. It's something else, isn't it.

We're not saying we're living in a simulation but someone's simulated the universe in a computer

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Re: Recommend reading the original

Oh. Can anyone remind me, on which length of a phrase a human's brain slowdowns understanding? It accepts the flow, but .... [slowdown] .... no more properly calculates and combines the variety of meanings intercrossed to get the sense, which may be one or, in less cases, two or three.... [covffee break] .... they were meant by their constructor to be understood as they were meant/technically properly teleported into the target intellect, but the blocks were too long and the speed of their transaction was constant without slowdowns or coffee breaks. Poor processor...

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Re: Honest question here

Maybe 50-60. I wish the local boffinry would kindly perform an experiment, to compare their results with some of the Chinese mine'o'saurs' ones - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1670628.0 ... I wonder what if the Chinese, etc. miners' activity is really just a thoroughly hidden, pretty clandestine operation on simulating a virtual Universe, and mining BTC is a form of their fair fee, which the virtual Universe is paying to them? Sorta peanuts for... umm, ok, leaving (-;

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"over 4,000 Nvidia Tesla P100 16GB GPUs running for about 80 hours" -

Bitcoina's Paradise...

'Major incident' at Capita data centre: Multiple services still knackered

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Re: British Airways

Coincidence. And there's even another one: at the same time a couple of fighter jets were lifted from a Scottish base to keep IT up there :-)

Power plant cyber threat: Lock up your ICSs and SCADAs

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Re: Been there, done that and now we doing this and that ...

"What are up to URself, AC?" -

None of anything the many would have imagined, amanfromMars.

First the Rise of the Machines, now this: UK military's Exercise Information Warrior

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ReMastery of UniVerses Communicating Cyber Elements

Re: "For the confirmation here, ... ... everything and anything worthwhile is made to work for Present Systems, is it not?" -

Howdy, Doc,

Fortunately, for those relentlessly searching 4 inexhaustible answers, there are 0ne for All - "No, it isn't" and "Yes, it is" answers in the same time, and both come given in such unusual 4 most of Us Mortals way because of the usual and common for the few of those living with Nuages Au Dessous, UniVersal Quantum nature of things to pass and come.

Hope, the Present is Perfect, while the Future is Indefinite until one brings it into accordance with Now - https://youtu.be/98W9QuMq-2k?list=PLCJypncls0MBzCjJaQEmeaWlJJtVeURER

And what are those Six Serving Men until they're Found by a one for a chat in between Where and When and where is there to build such a Telescopic facility, if not at ElReg's place?

Eight beers, because http://www.tania-soleil.com/rudyard-kipling-i-keep-six-honest-serving-men/

55 73

Neuromorphic progress: And we for one welcome our new single artificial synapse overlords

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Re-ReThinking Machines ... and the Media Machine under Incessant SMARTR Attack/Rock Steady AIBarrage

"Why ever... ... available" -

a prime example of a beautiful, irresistible and undisputed logic.


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