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Bill Gates again world's richest, tops in US for 20th straight year

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Re: still better at making it than giving it away

He's doing a pretty good of trying though:

Through the Gates Foundation: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/ he is spearheading the campaign to eradicate Polio from the planet. That's a pretty good use of billions of dollars, IMHO.

This is a must read, if you are in any way interested in philanthropy: http://annualletter.gatesfoundation.org/

I used to despise Gates, and Microsoft. Now it's just one of them. You can probably guess which.

SHARKS tempted by BIKINI CLAD Thanksgiving BABES


tigers and whites

I'm sceptical about the benefit of having girls in bikinis proving what other people have been doing for a while.

True pioneers in this are people like William Winram and Frederic Buyle - check out Fred's pics here: http://nektos.net/

I think Mike Rutzen was doing things like this years ago, too.

Still, the girls will look better in bikinis, eh?

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