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Punters go postal with erratic Royal Mail site


Royal Mail Fail

I just had fun and games (not) with their website ...

I tried to use their fee2pay page to pay for postage on a letter that apparently has insufficient stamps. It went all the way through to payment and then said 'Access Denied'!

I called the CC company and they say that RM have taken the payment.

I called RM and they say that they haven't!

They just told me to try again - at the risk of losing more money. If I wanted a refund I would have to post them copies of my CC bill.

Utter rubbish. I've given up. Whoever forgot to put a stamp on their letter can have it back. I've spend more on phone calls now than the postage I was trying to pay (22p plus £1 'fee') and travel to a post office would cost even more.

Why are these companies allowed to get away with causing so much stress and bother when their systems go wrong? Especially when I have no choice but to use them!



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