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Chef launches Compliance: Server security policy as code


there's another framework for that

Yes, and it would be ideal to test that type of configuration on the host itself.

In lieu of such a solution we built a BDD based framework specifically aimed at security testing both the infrastructure and web application tiers. It can be found by searching for "BDD-Security".

Get another loan, fanbois, the new MacBook Pro and iMac are here


Same price as a Dell

Spec up a Dell Precision M3800 with 4K display and Linux to similar hardware as the entry level MBP, with 256Gb SSD + 16Gb RAM and it comes to $1938.

Beware Abe Lincoln-looking code pros trying to sell you on LOBDOPs


4 devops please with chilli sauce

"Surely that’s like giving airplane passengers a full list of avionics checkpoints and an ongoing data feed from air traffic control on every New York to London return?"

No. It's like giving pilots, air traffic control and ground staff an ongoing data feed from the avionics of every flight. Then letting them choose to search and alert on the bits they're interested in.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop


it's not expensive

The Lenovo X220 is a PC with comparable spec: 2.5Ghz processor, smaller 1366x768 screen, smaller 320Gb disk, and that's for sale with the special web price of £1,022.79. Creaky plastic chasis included free of charge.

How'd you like them apples.

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