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Cabinet Office moves step closer to killing Directgov

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Today I'm being positive

I said on my rant blog that Betagov will probably never get launched and it has been. So, I was proved wrong -


In the meantime, here's a heartwarming message from the people who brought you Directgov mark I, in case you thought £1.7 million was a waste of money -


I'd Be Be Betagov Guv Guv!

Gov websites' value not at all clear despite trimming



Directgov was a power grab. A load of suits in Whitehall get to spend money on advertising while swallowing up cheaper, more useable websites. I work for a big government body as well and using Directgov is way more expensive than running our own website. All our decisions need to go through London suits.



£83 milion for zero savings

Smug smile from me. Under Varney, Directgov was supposed to save £400 million on websites alone (plus another £400 million in avoided letters and phone calls, but let's not be mean). seems like we have a right to know where that cash went. £2 million went on one advert. The website they offer is rotten. If you want to improve public sector computing and save money, write a big cheque to every public sector organisation to build their own websites.


Gov web boss: Our sites look like bleak council estates


I hate Directgov

Read me new rant blog about it -


Apart from being hideous, the problem with council estates is that the people who run them don't live there, and spend their time making decisions on behalf of other people. Directgov are essentially council slumlords.

Instead of running a government supersite from your cosy office in Whitehall, just write a cheque to every public sector organisation to run their own web services with their own staff. Then resign and hie thee to a monastery.

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