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MSFT kicks Chinese partner over security leak


Read between the lines

He seems more intelligent then you'd imagine, but what do I know... WINK


Steve Jobs had 'personal moral failures', was no role model


Apple Zombies

Jobs got WAY too much credit for things he never created. For whatever reason the Apple fan base loved the guy, but I will never understand such silly dedication to a company.

This is the same company that charges its customers full price to replace broken glass on iPhones at $199, while they take full profit and resell your phone on the down low.

Jobs also gave MAC user's NO BLUE RAY in his typical greedy overcontrol fashion. Sorry MAC users, but it appears many of you would follow Jobs off a cliff... I will have NO part in that.


Spyhunting US pols to crawl up Huawei and ZTE's ass


Show me your brains

Comment #8 is plain stupid! Microsoft has made HUGE strides in security. Keep in mind any poorly secured network can be easily owned, so due diligence is also in play here. Microsoft is only a victim of its own success during a time period where security was not so important. They paid their dues already.

Clearly MS OS's can be EXTREMELY secure, otherwise your cash registers, Automated Teller Machines, Banking Systems, and Point of Sale devices would not use Microsoft Windows Embedded ID10T.

Educate yourself on security before jumping in the freaking SHARK POOL!!!!!

The real problem here is the food chain, but you are what you eat. If you consume some hostile countries hardware and software, it's your own countries fault!

Problem with that mindset is few people are truely aware of the REAL problem because the truth stays locked up away from the public. You cannot fix problems by hiding them under a label, but that's political and another issue altogether.



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