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The curious sudden rise of free US election 'net security guardians

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Silver Linings

I think this privacy thing is being looked at in the wrong way....

I find it much more convenient when I have forgotten my password for a website (probably because I have forgotten all the random rules that it needed 2 caps, 4 numbers, a special character and half of it had to be in a different character set than my keyboard or whatever other bullshit masquerading as security requirements it had) to just call up some guy in Moscow to remind me what it was than have to jump through the agonising 75 step password recovery process instead....

Gorilla Glass fights dirty, dirty germs with antimicrobial coating

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Luckily the toilet seat is likely to be one of the cleanest places in their house (unlike the kitchen counter or, God forbid, the cloth they use to dry the 'clean' dishes with.....)


Great Bu

Re: Since when does digital data need a permanent medium in the ranges of millions of years?

No, the next program shows how they decoded all the data and found what can only be described as 'mostly porn'.......

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth

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Re: Worthless stats

I'd still rather live in Bill Gates than Wales, though......

Ten classic electronic calculators from the 1970s and 1980s

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Re: Still use

I still have my FX7000G, I didn't realise it still worked until I saw my wife sitting at our computer filling in her finances spreadsheet and using the calculator to add up some numbers. I made no comment.*

*Do I get a prize for restraint ?

Datawind's low cost Aakash tab comes to UK, US

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It's £30....

...and that thirtyquidness pretty much trumps any degree of crapness it may have against the rivals. If it was £60 and crapper than an £80 tablet, then it would be pointless but because it costs less than even a second hand version of the nearest competition, it surely wins out as long as it's operational and lasts more than 12 months ( I haven't seen any evidence that it is unreliable or poorly made, just that it is restricted in performance by low cost parts).

For £30 you still get a widget that lets you check your e-mail, facebook etc., read eBooks and play videos, music and minecraft / candy crush / <insert skinner box of choice here> - OK, it does all this slower and lower resolution than more expensive kit but the truth is that for these sorts of applications (especially on a 7" screen) slowness and low resness are far from deal breakers.

As a device to give your 3 year old, it's still a good call as it's also less than half the price of similar things designed to be kid-proof (like the innotab or leap pad things), so you can sustain a moderate break-rate and still be ahead of the game (especially if you tell them you won't replace it if they break it - my 3 year old is quite able to deal with that level of care when motivated by potentially losing his toy).

Excise Xmas prezzie indecision MISERY with El Reg’s gift guide²

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Re: Nest Protect

@Tim99 "Er, no." - No to what ? Your post agrees with what I said - the convection current you mention is directly caused by the lower density of the warm gas from the incendiary source which is the reason for installing detectors in the ceiling - nothing to do with the relative densities of the gases, everything to do with the temperature of the combustion products.

The mixing of the room air with the combustion gases (of whatever kind) does occur but this still takes time - not much but enough that the detector has long since activated and you have the opportunity to escape. Try it - light the bin on fire on your room now, watch as the smoke fills the room from the top down - granted the room fills completely with smoke in a few minutes but you will easily have time to walk out before it does.

As an aside, I did not refer to CO2 in any of my posts (probably because the whole thread is about carbon monoxide detection) nor at any point have I been confused between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. I am well aware of the reduction in density of any ideal gas relative to the temperature*, unfortunately your assertion that the height of the fire above the floor is the reason why a floor based escape plan is best is only true if you disregard your own argument relating to the mixing of the convection current into the room rapidly (which you should, because it's wrong - the height of the fire above the floor in no significant way alters the mixing effect of the convection currents, the combustion gases arrival at floor level is not significantly different for a couch 2 feet off the floor than it is for a fire on the floor itself).

To cut to the chase - detectors are ceiling mounted because hot gas rises. Doesn't matter what gas or how dense it is relative to other gases at room temperature, the density reduction due to temperature differentials is far greater than the difference in density of any plausible combustion product against the prevailing room air.

*Although I note as a further side point that you have failed to take into account the changes in pressure that would accompany a fire in an enclosed space, so the density only halves with a doubled temperature if the pressure remains constant, a situation that only occurs in a wide open space - inside a building the restricted air flow out of doors and windows would lead to a rise in pressure and concommitant rise in density along with the rise in temperature until the pressure was able to equalise with the outside world -this change in pressure and so density would, of course, be the same for all the gas products in the room, though.

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Re: Nest Protect

Relative vapour densities only apply to gases at the same temperature and pressure - as the CO in this scenario is at a higher temperature than the air in the room (by virtue of having originated in some type of fire) its density is lower than would be suggested by a straight vapour density comparison. The same is true of the carbon dioxide, which, whilst it is denser than room air at the same temperature/pressure, is significantly less dense when a product of exothermic reactions - that's why smoke detectors are ceiling mounted and you have to crawl out of a room if there is a fire.

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Re: Nest Protect

The CO detectors in the ceiling work because the CO is generally being generated by an incendiary source, so the gas is warm when produced and rises to the ceiling first, before dropping to the floor as it cools.

Oi, bank manager. Only you've got my email address - where're these TROJANS coming from?

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Re: Another possibility

Also, who's to say that the e-mail address hasn't been compromised from the owners' system (i.e. they have picked up a virus that has mined their own contacts list from their PC or 'phone) ?

Pirate Bay ties up in Peru

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Re: Prize

Your prize is a copy of 'A Few Good Men' - you can collect your prize by googling "Pirate Bay Proxy" then searching for 'A Few Good Men' on there...... :)

Great Bu


The whole thing is utterly irrelevant because Google is a thing. Until this stops being the case, all the rest is just smoke filled coffee house crap (there is a prize if you can name the film that quote is from...*)

*Prize not actually real.

Developer unleashes bowel-shaking KILLER APP for Google Glass

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I miss Eadon.....

On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns

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Re: Dear Article Author

Can I get me one of these on eBay ?


Eagle steals crocodile-cam, records video selfie

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Have Amazon seen this ?

Amazon Eagle Deliveries ? (Not available for tasty orders)

Drone expert: Amazon's hypetastic delivery scheme a pie in the sky

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Re: Arrrr me hearties. Man tha mini-harpoons

All you need to do is order one of these:


from amazon and you can use it to play "Let's see what the neighbours got for Christmas".......

That toolbar you downloaded is malware? Tough, read the EULA

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Good News !

I changed your oil and spark plugs and as a bonus I can confirm that your air bags work (ed) !

Chester Cathedral smites net in Wi-Fi SMUT OUTRAGE

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Re: What about the poor Bishop ?

Hey ! The whole point of the article was to try and stop people bashing the bishop !

PS4 with Black Friday underway: TOUGH, you CAN'T HAVE ONE!

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Re: Whether it's an Xbox one or PS4

I am blessed with an April birthday, by which time I hope the early adopters will have cleared up all the launch issues and I will be able to choose easily.

Great Bu

Re: pizza, energy drink and Tinie Tempah

No, he means "In contravention of the Geneva Convention".........

4G networks are BIG TIME SUCK for us videogame-obsessed Brits

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Re: Subhead

Au contraire - I live on The Mall in Preston (google PR2 6DU) - no quite as salubrious as the London one.....

DVLA declares J14 HAD on BU14 SHT and SL14 AGS

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Let's face it, we're all just marking time.....

....until August 2019 whan we can get all those '69' plate cars - they can't ban them all !

Mass Effect: Ten lightweight laptops that won’t bust your back

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2000 + ?

When did 'basic web browsing' suddenly need a computer that scores 2000+ on PC Mark 7 ? I don't know what the reviewer regards as 'basic web browsing' but I can pretty much get by with my work PC that I suspect scores about 3 or 4 on PC Mark 7.......

The truth is that the market for this type of fairly expensive (especially the £1k+ devices) is extremely limited as if all you do is web browsing, e-mail and office apps then you can quite happily get on with a much cheaper device (or, as is the case more and more, not need to upgrade your still operational 3 year old one). Sure, for people who need a genuinely powerful device for their work or play may want one, how many of them need one that weighs less and are willing to pay extra for the 1kg weight saving ?

The only real benefit I can see from these devices is the improved screen resolution but whilst 1900x1080 certainly looks better than 1366x768, I'm not sure that it's £1k better.

VIOLENT video games make KIDS SMARTER – more violent the BETTER

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Bankers learning through gaming....

Perhaps if more bankers played GTA they would be a bit more careful not to get filmed buying their cocaine and banging prositutes......

Boffins: Bonkless Brits fondling slabs, not each other

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"fewer people in the population married or cohabiting and so having less opportunity to have sex"

Clearly the researcher is not married then..........

I thought "4.9 times a month ! Where do they fit in the other 3.9 times that I don't get ?"

(Also, is the 0.9 when you start but then pull out and bap spaff ?)

WTF is the Internet of Things and how insurers will use it against you

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My fish has got a virus.......

...not sure if I should call the vet or update my firewall settings.....

Sony patents LASER-FIRING Wi-Fi SMARTWIG with sideburn buttons

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Re: Does it come in shark size?

Frickin' Terry Wogans with frickin' lasers in their frickin' wigs !


The latest stupid yoof craze: Taking selfies - while DRIVING

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Re: £2000

I was thinking "2000 pound cars - what are they all driving Lotus Elise's or something ?" - 2000 lbs. is around 910kg - I would be impressed if you could find many cars in the USA that weigh this little.....

Google shows off scanned-in Gettysburg Address drafts

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Re: Being right doesn’t make the OP wrong

On the issue of the US civil war and slavery, would it be pertinent to point out that the emancipation proclamation (the executive order Lincoln passed to free the slaves) only applied to slaves held in the southern states - it did not in any way free slaves held in the actual states of the union (some union states were emancipated, others were not at the time of the proclamation) - it's purpose was not to free all slaves but to fill a big hole in the recruitment drive for the Union armies (specifically provided for in the proclamation).....

The 'freed' slaves, of course, were not granted actual citizenship or given the right to vote or anything like that, either.

Who wants a Xeon-powered, 12-core, RAID 10 … LAPTOP?

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Re: Pants.

No, they used to force people to wear the asbestos pants, then they stopped but now that policy is being re-enforced........

From Dept of REALLY? Sueball lobbed at Apple over crap iOS Maps app

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"remain alarmed that my local hospital has been replaced by a forest."

That's not wrong, it's just pre-emptive......

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4

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That's what I thought - $18 markup on the console seems like a pretty good deal but 3 x the price for the controller and you only get one ! Let's face it, pretty much everyone except the loneliest bastard in the world is going to want two controllers at least (if only to swap out when the battery dies mid-game) so the profit immediately jumps to more like $50 per unit sold in reality.

Anonymous Indonesia claims attacks by Anonymous Australia

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"I have chosen my pseudonym to be precisely the same as my current real name."

Aha ! The double-double bluff !

Great Bu


Oh shit, hang on, I forgot to tick the box thing.

Arse biscuits.

HAUNTED HOWITZERS, it’s Call of Duty Ghosts

Great Bu

Re: I've had cheaper prostitutes !

The rozzers can find their own cheap prozzies !

Great Bu

I've had cheaper prostitutes !

£19 for 90 minutes ! FFS !

(Admittedly, as with many other aspects of life, with cheap prozzies you get what you pay for....)

TOXIC DOLPHIN SANDWICH on the menu, say hacktivists

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Re: ♫ I'm an asshole, the world's biggest asshole ♫

Amusingly for me it brought up the bit from 'No cure for cancer' where Denis Leary does the "Don't eat the tuna....Why ? ....Beacuse dolphins get caught in the nets......what about the tuna ?....fuck them, they taste good...." diatribe.

Are dolphins actually endangered ? As far as my extensive 10 second googling can ascertain, a few species are but not many. As long as the species that are being hunted for nibbles are not endangered then why should we care any more about these than about any other non-endangered food species ?

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones

Great Bu

No license.

Simple solution - you don't get a driving license until you can demonstrate the ability to drive safely whilst on the 'phone.

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

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I think Sony are probably right...

Now that you can buy a TV with internet and network media streaming built right in to the monitor, why the hell would you want to pay extra for that ability in your gaming console ? I would rather the money went on making it a better games machine.

When I first got my PS3 it was always in use as the house DVD/BD/Streaming Media server as well as games console but now that the combination of TV and Sky box does all that guff independently, the PS3 is only used for games.

The market requirements have changed from when the PS3 came out to now, and I think Sony are actually going the right way, rather than Microsoft who are trying to sell you a box that plays games and also does a whole bunch of stuff that my TV / PVR already do better.

Web giants cry foul over US gov's refusal to budge on NSA spy gag orders

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Re: Ooh, ooh, me too!

No, that was me. Sorry.

(In my defence, it's a pretty sexy dog...)

BlackBerry to be throttled by own supply chain

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The other thing to bear in mind for the (wrong) car industry comparison is that BMW also make Minis and Rolls Royces (so as if Blackberry also made HTC and those hideous gold plated mobiles that cost a bazillion quid) and Mercedes also make Smart cars and have huge chunks of other (mostly far east) car manufacturers, so whilst the brands may not sell that many cars thenselves, the companies product goes into a lot more sales too (not to mention motorbikes for BMW and commercial vehicles for MB)....

Europe, SAVE US! Patriot Act author begs for help to curb NSA spying

Great Bu


Wouldn't the -











- Act have been better ? (Makes at least as much sense as their version)

Calling all PSYCHICS and ball-gazers: Can YOU predict a Microsoft strategy?

Great Bu

I am a ball gazer.....

...but all I see is hairs.

(and all I hear is 'no pants again' related complaints from my office colleagues)

World's first 3D-printed metal gun 'more accurate' than factory-built cousin

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Biological Printer

I have a biological printer - you move it back and forth a few times, some goo comes out of the 'printer nozzle' and eventually* a biological entity is printed out.......

*About 9 months.

Rogue US-Israeli cyberwar weapon 'infected Russian nuclear plant'

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Re: Flash

Will he save every one of us ?

TWITTER CLOSES ... its first day of stock trading with shares up 73 per cent

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It's utopian socialism - every member of the society contributes their labour as they are able and in return the society provides for all the needs of its members. Socialism does not need money or its distribution to function, it just needs a lack of some pigs regarding themselves as more equal than others (which is the most unrealistic aspect of Star Trek - all the technogabble stuff is probably achievable but socially engineering the human race so none of the species takes advantage of such a utopia is somewhat more far fetched.....).

Buy-curious minxes and chaps fancy hot wrist action, rest of us baffled

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I don't want a watch, I want a Leela-from-Futurama wristcomp

Why can't I have a proper wrist/forearm mounted device like Leela wears ? It could have a nice soft plastic type body on the top of the forearm with some sort of neopreney sleeve to put it on with (you could sell two different mounts for left and right handed users), the computerey bit* could have a nice curved touchscreen on the outside around the size of a smartphone and then the device could flip open to reveal another, bigger screen inside with a keyboard underneath.

Mount a camera next to the outer screen for video calling, use bluetooth headphones (or even wired ones with the wire neatly concealed up your sleeve).

The whole device can be slim enough to fit inside a jacket sleeve, so you can still pull back the sleeve to glance at the time or other update information like with a watch but it's big enough to be able to fit a fully functional smartphone/small tablet functionality and battery life.

I want this to be made right now. Why can't I have it ?

*Stop me if I'm getting too technical

Aussie bloke hacks way to top of music charts with MIDI-based tunes

Great Bu

Re: Proof that the GreatUnwashed sheeple ...

Is Jake the Son of Eadon ? Can he beat Eadon's downvote record ? Does he even realise that's what us sheeple think of him ? Stay tuned...........

Locked-up crims write prison software that puts squeeze on grub supplier

Great Bu

Re: "If you have any device with an integrated circuit in it, I likely wrote..."

mmmmmmmm.........pant noodles...

The Colosseum, Hagia Sophia, Tower of London... and, er, Steve Jobs' GARAGE

Great Bu

Re: Find the odd thing out

Steve Jobs' Garage: Would have paid for it with tax payer money but can't afford to as tax take is much lower than expected due to massive avoision by major multinational fruit-based phone resellers........


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