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Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi's largest update so far

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Re: Sync

Try https://start.me/

Wah, encryption makes policing hard, cries UK's National Crime Agency

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Re: Wut?

"I'll try to make this straight forward. A gun can kill a person (not getting into that argument btw) encryption can't."

Unless some miscreant encrypts the NHS.

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

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Full English should be eaten with a hangover, preferably in works time.

The Register to publish Mindful Sysadmin adult colouring book

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I still want one

I so wanted this to be real.

MEN: For pity's sake SLEEP with LOTS of WOMEN - and avoid Prostate Cancer

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Strange correlations

Reminds me of this website for spurious correlations


I particularly like:

Per capita consumption of cheese (US)

correlates with

Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets

World's 'smallest' mobe unveiled in Japan

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My Nokia 6110 had a 1" screen 15 years ago. And you could play snake.

Microsoft patents spy-TV to check you've paid for content

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If I fall asleep because it's boring or I'm pissed and watch any old shite will I get a refund?

Oh and about my identical twins...

ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin

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I can believe it too

Just about says everything that is wrong with the BBC and country in general.

Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed

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Birmingham Jury

I am amazed a Birmingham Jury found someone guilty.

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

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Why name it at all?

I think I'll call it the Win8 interface. I don't really see the point of another name no one will use.

BA staff to google for snaps, dirt on biz-class passengers

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Thumb Up

I'll just update my facebook page to reflect my love of Champagne and expensive chocolates.

Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in 2001

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Study abroad

What are tuition fees like in Sweden?

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