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Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test


Re: vs spending money on learning to drive properly

ah but improving ones driving skills or actually paying attention would be too much of an effort especially for the French. I'm currently working in France and the driving standards here are so appalling I fear for my life every time I drive. This is mostly due to them being too ignorant to realise that driving 2ft from the car in front or overtaking without being able to see ahead is in any way dangerous and also due to them being drunk most of the time. This new braking system would help preventing rear shunts over here but as the French only drive clapped out unserviced French cars the systems will most likely never work anyway.

Reg reader seeks living room Myth advice - can you help?


As already suggested probably by far the best solution at the moment is to use a media centre PC with a remote. I've got decent Sony TV which can use DLNA which is a nice idea but in reality its slow to browse and the quality is not that great.

Connected to my main TV I've got a tiny ACER Revo PC which is small, silent and uses very little power running Boxee with an Emprex media centre remote to navigate. The menu system for Boxee is really excellent and it's much nicer to use than Myth TV. For streaming and watching your own content it's by far the best out there right now. The only issue is that Boxee won't record live TV so for that the best solution is still a Windows Media Centre or MythTV or a dedicated PVR.

For the various other computers in the house again I just Boxee and I share my Satellite TV using the excellent Echostar Slingbox PVR.

I don't bother using DVDs or BlueRay anymore as my ankle bitter would just get his sticky fingers all over the discs and getting up, finding the right box then inserting a disc seems a little antiquated in these days of cheap multi terabyte hard drives.

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