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BeyondTrust gobbles Code Red vuln firm eEye

Pete Fawcett

Lost in Space?

"ISS hole-plugger"

I thought they must have saved the astronauts/cosmonauts on the International Space Station by plugging some leak in the hull.


Reg reader seeks living room Myth advice - can you help?

Pete Fawcett

Don't ditch everything but do consider a PS3

I have a similar Myth setup. The front-end, in the living room, is based on a Zotac ION board and is silent. I use an external USB DVD drive.

However, it doesn't support Blu-Ray (as mentioned by other posters).

My children use their PS3 as a front end on 'their' TV and it works very well. They can play back any recorded programmes and use the Myth web interface to schedule recordings. It plays Blu-Ray discs and also has a native client for watching streaming films - full screen - from Love Film (which are included 'free' with certain rental subscriptions).

It also has 5.1 surround sound output.

The latest model is quite slim and un-obtrusive although there is some fan noise.

The only thing is doesn't support is live TV playback - but does anyone watch things live anymore?



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