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Universal Credit slammed by MPs: Late programme branded 'unacceptable'


Re: They complain because it's late?

Or, in the case of people who've been transferred from ESA, are proven unable to work for medical reasons with no clear indication of when they're going to get better.

EU VAT law could kill thousands of online businesses


Re: Amazon is a seller of physical goods...

As I understand the plan is already in place to expand the new rules to all goods and services sold online - digital or physical, bespoke or prepared - as soon as 2016.

Basically, if you run a business that sells anything over the internet, this is going to affect you. If you're selling direct, it'll all but force you to do your business through a corporate platform that will handle VAT instead, and if you're already using those it'll make your income less predictable as the VAT share of the sale price will suddenly vary depending on where the sales come from. Not to mention that many of the big platforms (Etsy, Steam and Bandcamp spring to mind) haven't commented on whether they will handle this for sellers, and some have already said they won't (iBooks).

This is going to bite small bands selling mp3s, comic artists selling ebooks and those kinds of people *big* time. Freelancers and independent artists don't usually have trade orgs or any other kind of organised representation, so "missing" them in these considerations and the discussions HMRC say they've been having with SMEs is an easy oversight, but the impact on them is huge.

Basically, a business that doesn't make enough to afford an accountant and sacrificing margin to third-party sales platforms to do the work for them is going to be all but shut out entirely from the digital single market that Andrus Ansip praised so highly in his blog post. Good work all round.

One digi market to RULE 'em all: Get with the net neutrality plan, guys, moans EU digi-veep


And on the other end of the boat, VATMOSS, having escaped from Brazil's Deleted Scenes bucket, is going to effectively shut swathes of small businesses and independent artists out of the digital single market.

Left hand, meet right hand.

Google kills CAPTCHAs: Are we human or are we spammer?


Re: @Tiny Iota

I remember listening to a talk noting that a common filtering step in addition is to show the user *two* bits of text - one known, one unknown, and discard all answers that get the known text wrong, on the assumption that if someone gets the known text wrong their answer to the unknown text is also untrustworthy while chances are that if someone gets the known text right they'll at least have given the unknown their best shot. Reduce number of answers to process AND (at least presumably) improve the quality of the answers you DO look at in one fell swoop.

Ten... remastered videogame classics


The controls for MGS2 on the PC are actually significantly worse than in the PS2 original. The PS2 version makes heavy use of pressure-sensitive buttons for various game features (holdups, etc), which of course are not supported at all by the PC port. In addition, the PC version had fairly significant performance and compatibility issues last time I checked.

The PS3 re-releases are indeed the "extended" versions (Substance for 2, Subsistence for 3, which also means this includes emulated versions of the original MSX Metal Gear games). Mostly the tweaks are minor though, such as an improved camera system in 3 and similar shenanigans.


PoP HD Collection

It's worth noting that the Prince of Persia Trilogy release has significant sound issues. These were present in the original PS2 releases, but have gotten much worse on the PS3, to the point where dialogue and music more than occasionally are drowned out entirely by excessive reverb on sound effects. There are also problems with surround sound output, which only works on fairly specific PS3 audio settings.

Nonetheless, particularly Sands of Time as the first part of the trilogy is well renowned for its storytelling and music, and justifiably so - even without a HD makeover, it has aged very well and is still worth playing even today.

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