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PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


mobile operators blocking adult content...

"mobile operators have been blocking adult content for years with few complaints"

But surely they block ALL adult content.. Alcohol related, gambling, etc. Not just grumble. This is fine, as it's clearly focussed on ensuring a restriction of access to content based on age - whereas the proposed ISP changes are not, afaik, proposing to restrict all "adult" content - just "pornography".

Review: Asus PadFone 2 phone-tablet combo


Re: Fantastic - except...

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but -

1) 312dpi is, what, 14ppi less than the iphone 5? Oh, THE HUMANITY! Those eyes of yours must be something else to be able to easily differentiate between 312 and 325 ppi.

2) Modified micro USB (which does work with micro USB, but with a caveat that the connection isn't brilliant if you move the device around) is a problem, but a completely different connection which requires you to buy an adapter to connect to micro USB (which doesn't work brilliantly if you need to move the device around) isn't?


Shiny, shiny! The window's behind me...


Re: Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather...

Under 40, and Venus in furs is today's earworm thanks to this article.

Still - better than yesterday when it was bloody Rock you like a hurricane... I don't even LIKE Scorpions.

Oh good.. now it's some weird mashup of the two.

Vodafone goes titsup for BlackBerrys in mobile data outage


Re: vodaphone? server?

Ditto - Vodafone told us it was a RIM issue. Cue cries of "Give me an iPhone - I'm sick of these BB outages" from our delighted users. Nice tactic to sell the higher profit margin devices maybe?

Half of us have old phones STUFFED in our drawers


"that no longer get updates" - why not find some and apply them yourself? My HTC Desire still gets regular updates... that's kind of the joy of android isn't it? Even when the manufacturers stop supplying updates (afaik, HTC stopped at Froyo?) you can keep applying them yourself. My Desire is happily running CM10 JB..

Long-suffering Virgin Media victims see no end to vid PURGATORY


Re: Say goodbye to buffering? Should surely be "Welcome back buffering!"

Ditto. 60Mb my arse. I've seen that speed once, for around 6 seconds. At about 4am.


Just one of the reasons I'm leaving VM..

And not just video buffering.. they used to be the best of a bad lot locally.. But ever since I was "upgraded" to 60Meg from 20, and given a "super hub", my connection has gone to shit. Friend of mine who's on a 10Meg ADSL line just down the road gets consistently higher connection speeds and lower pings to servers we're both connecting to.

The other reason being that I lose internet connection every time it rains heavily. According to the disinterested and surly engineer who came out to look at it, the street cabinet is not sealed from the elements properly, and water gets in. Could he fix it? Like hell he could. And apparently replacement will take months. In winter. When it rains a lot. Fantastic. Time to depart.

Lawyer sues Microsoft rather than slot an SD card into his Surface


Re: "What a load of crap." -- "sue every tablet maker then" etc. iPad stuff

Well, I just checked my "16Gb" iPad 2 with iOS 5 on it, and I have a total of 13.7Gb for installs/file.

Even accounting for the 1000/1024 "confusion", the OS still takes up around 15% of the available "storage".

Rockstar ramps it up with Grand Theft Auto V reveal


Re: omg that's better than sex!!!

Be fair, their misses are more impressive than some people's hits.


Re: Beware the hype

LA Noire was game of 2011 for me.. and I went into it with no expectations at all having not read a single bit of press or review about it. Just bought it on Steam because it was reduced, I like adventure games, I was in bed sick for a week, and the whole thing looked quite interesting.

I think there's a danger that by getting involved in the hype, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If you've been told that product X is the best thing EVER EVER EVER for 12 months, then when you finally get your hands on it even the tiniest flaw is going to stick out like a sore thumb and feel like a crashing disappointment. But if you go in without knowing very much about it at all, these flaws will seem negligible in comparison to the wonder of the great bits..

Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi only tablet review


Point of order..

iPad 4 doesn't have "more apps" than anything. Apple's App Store may have "more apps" than Google Play. But quantity != quality. It's a useless metric. And my understanding is that both are around the same number currently (though this is constantly fluctuating of course). But as I said, it doesn't matter anyway.

I use both, and struggle to find what I want on both. I've basically now given up looking for new apps on either by using the store, as they're *both* utterly horrible to use and absolutely rammed full of total shite. And wading through a sea of shit to find occasional nuggets of gold holds little interest to me..


Re: Fail

Wierd - I can't see the two OSes running on the same hardware anywhere on there.. not sure how your assertion holds up.. Let me restate the assertion in a more accurate from - "For specific tasks, some hardware that has Android installed on it scores lower on a specific benchmark test than some completely different hardware running iOS".


Re: Happy Bunny

I purchased the iPad 3 a couple of weeks before the 4 came out. The markup that Apple had put on the iPad 3 was greater than the cost to them of an iPad 4. So they gave me an iPad 4, knowing they were still up on the deal, and that another person they had rinsed of cash would now be singing their praises on the internets.

The greatest trick the devil every pulled was to convince the world he wasn't ripping them off.

Boris 'games rot brains' Johnson hosts game art expo


He also thinks games are linked to knife crime..

Really. Said it in 2008, soon after being elected.

Imagine - a hypocritical Tory!

Google data center spies on ITSELF: 'Like a boring version of Doom'


Re: Is that C3P0 really small.....

It must be staggeringly far away, as I can't see it at all.

Hands on with BB10: Strokey dokey



Am I the only one who read that as Strokey Donkey? Like the codename of a wierd touchscreen focussed branch of Ubuntu... I thought to myself "these things used to at least alliterate"...

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages


After some consideration, I conclude this is "a good thing"

If your parcels go to a neighbour, and you don't receive them, you complain to the sender, who sends another and retrieves the cost from the PO for failure to deliver. Bit annoying, introduces a delay, but ultimately you should still get your stuff.

If your parcels DON'T go to a neighbour, and you DO receive them, you sell them on ebay (or for preference at a car boot sale.. you know, less traceable) complain to the sender anyway, who sends another and retrieves the cost from the PO for failure to deliver.

If a neighbour's parcel comes to you, you disavow all knowledge of it, and again sell it on ebay/carboot. They complain to the sender, who dispatches another and retrieves the cost from the PO for failure to delivery. Bit annoying for them, but hey - ultimately they get their stuff.

And all you have to do is be a complete bastard. It's like i'm pissing in the plant pot at that party all over again.

Hey presto, 6 months down the line and no-one users RM for anything but postcards any more, and our evil overlords get their wish and privatise the whole business. HURRAH FOR PROGRESS!!


Don't worry..

it'll be a matter of months if not weeks before all major online retailers abandon RM as a result.

Whoever in the courier companies was lobbying around this has done a fantastic job...


blimey... the responses on the ofcom site..

they don't paint a picture of happy people. I'm bored, so I've got through random 50 so far. 49 have been "no", with 1 "yes - but only if it's an opt-in service".

Best comment so far :

"Question 1:Do you agree that Ofcom should grant approval to Royal Mail for the Delivery to Neighbour service? If not please explain your answer. :

No. Our next door neighbours (number 3) are dishonest.

Question 2:Are there other consequences following the roll out of the service across the UK that we have not included in our assessment? If so, please explain.:

Yes. Our next door neighbours (number 3) are dishonest.

Question 3:Do you have any comments on the scope and wording of the proposed Notification and approval:

Our next door neighbours (number 3) are dishonest"

I think their next door neighbours (number 3) might be a little dishonest.

Toshiba AT300 10in Android tablet review


Lawyers must be cacking themselves though..

look at those rounded corners. I thought it was an iPad at first...

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'



ha.. brilliant stuff. Keep it up.



Bankrupt the company?

A company with $117 billion cash reserves.

A product with a bill of materials around $167.


iPhone to account for half of US economy by 2030 - projection


Re: The iPhone event horizon?

It is interesting to note that a later and wilier CEO of Apple sent a shoe backwards in time through a temporal warp, and then successfully sued Douglas Adams for infringement of the same laws.

Valve opens Steam store to non-gaming software


Re: Head hurts...

It's not where you are. It's when you are.

'Unfair' tariff tweaks yield networks £90m


Re: Glad I'm not on contract

I would have agreed in the past, and did the same (purchased handset, and have monthly contract) a couple of years ago - however, I'm planning to change phone later this year, and have been reviewing the options now. It appears that the idea that one will "pay less in the long run" no longer holds true. I've run the numbers several times with multiple suppliers for "high end" handsets currently (Galaxy S3 for example) and in all but 1 scenario, a phone with a 24 month contract is now the cheaper option. So one will now need to again pay a premium for flexibility in contract. It's not a lot though.. maybe £30 or so over the 2 years (though with some contract options, it can be over £100!).

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Haggis pakora v huevos rancheros


Haggis samosa..

is the way to go.

Just haggis as a filling for a samosa. Really.. it's amazing. But not haggis out of a tin... that's blasphemous. And none of yer added ingredients. Haggis. Pastry. Fry. Eat. Collapse clutching left arm.

First lady taikonaut and pals plunge into the dirt after space mating


uh huh huh.. huh..

space docking.

AMD and Intel mainstream desktop CPUs

Thumb Down

So here I am, looking to upgrade from an old core2duo setup, and I'm not sure whether to go back to AMD or stick with Intel. "Great - an article that will help me in answering this prickly question" I think to myself, as I browse the reghardware front page.

I'm now even less well informed than I was before I started reading. Amazing achievement.

Hands on with Nintendo's Wii U


So tired of people complaining about shitty graphics, and gimmickry. Remember - only casuals and children game on consoles anyway. Ha.. only winding you up, xbox and ps3 aficionados... But creating consoles aimed primarily at the casual gamer seems to me to make a lot of sense, as these people aren't going to spend hundreds or thousands on building a gaming PC and keeping it up to date, and the ranges of console-specific titles for the other two doesn't really scream "family casual" to me for the most part. Sure, there are exceptions to this. But with 'tendo it seems to be the rule these days, with "proper" games being the exception. Just because something's targeted at a market you're not a part of doesn't make it shit. To the aspiring racing driver an MPV may appear to be a piece of shit. But to a family with 3 kids and a dog it's perfect. Different strokes, different folks.


Re: Potential

Quite. Well said old chap.

When I want to game, I turn on my PC.

When I want to play, I turn on my Wii.

They fulfil very different functions.

Touchscreens to get finger friendly


I think there's a use for it in the world of phones..

When typing using a keyboard, most people with a bit of experience can find their way around with their eyes closed with reasonable levels of accuracy. Not so with a flat touchscreen. Not necessarily a problem you may think, but the resultant effect is that with a touchscreen you're constantly looking at what you're doing, and your brain is constantly having to process the visual feedback to guide your digits. The effort of doing so can be pretty demanding for some people, and it seems to be significantly higher than processing haptic feedback.. I see it with a friend of mine who had Parkinsons. She can type pretty effectively using a keyboard. Not super-speed, but more than well enough to get by. But on her iPhone it can be a real struggle, as she has to process this feedback without any senses other than sight being involved. And there's little delineation between keys etc, so mis-typing becomes more common as it's harder to keep one's digits in the same place.

Similarly for people with reduced vision, touchscreens can be a total shitemare.

Sure - I hear the "just buy a qwerty phone" cries already. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the world we want.. one where people with diminished abilities have reduced choice in areas where we could engineer solutions to provide them with the same choices as others. Shit, why do we even bother with accessible websites anyway? Why don't those pesky crips go read a book or phone a "norm" to look it up for them?

Mars rover Opportunity spots WALL-E in crater ramble


Re: Very proud

At what point of interplanetary exploration do you think the yankss will begin to comprehend that our concepts of nations and nationalism are utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of things? You would have thought pictures from another planet would maybe provide some perspective, but no.

NHS IT fiasco workers threaten lunch-hour revolt over job cuts


Re: @AC 07:40

I came here to say this.

I can only assume AC either has no experience of these relationships, or has experience of managing them (resulting in a lack of honesty with themselves and others about the outcomes because it's in their own best interests to present a front of "success"), or they're just too stupid to recognise failure, or they are either a board member or shareholder in such companies and believe that the management tiers who are presenting these outcomes to them are doing so honestly and accurately.

So, either inadequately experience, inadequately honest, inadequately intelligent or inadequately skeptical.

Hands on with the Nikon D3200 DSLR


Re: The Sony sensors seem quite remarkable

How's the bloom though? I would've thought with all those megglypixels crammed in it'd be spilling all over the shop no? It's a nightmare on the D90 in bright conditions..

Thumb Up

Re: Write-up schmite-up

I breathed new life back into my D50 when I replaced it with the D90 by buying a M3 lens adapter for all my old screw-mount film lenses, and also the Holga HL-N lens when it was launched. Now I think I use it more than I do the D90 because it's significantly more fun.. So I would say - even when you do replace it, don't be selling or binning that D50 - it's got years left in it!

Moles say Sony eyeing AMD for PlayStation 4 chips

Thumb Down

Let me get this straight..

"Potentially disgruntled unidentified ex-employee of company A state company B may be looking at using Product A in creation of Product Z. Company C already users Company A's product in Product X gen2. However, in the past it used Company D's product in Product X gen1. Currently Company B user Product D in Product Z. It's possible that Company C may go back to Company D to supply Product D for Product X gen3.

However, neither companies B or C have made any kind of statement about which of A and D's devices they will use in their new products. So we really can't make any sort of judgement or even a guess based on this sourceless and unreliable speculation."

And people get paid to write this shit? Nice work if you can get it I suppose.

In other news, rumours coming out of a source deep within an associated organisation state that there is every possibility that the next Apple device will in fact not be a revision of the iPad, but an all new concept - the iTwat. Concept drawings from an artist unlinked to either company or the project at all has come up with something that looks... Actually.. he's just drawn a fleshlight. Fuck.. and I gave him a monkey for that too.

Ten... stars of the Consumer Electronics Show


"Register journalist in writing down what the person running the stand at CES told them about a company they don't know anything about SHOCKER"

Then again, anyone who's taking advice on buying audio gear from the Reg is on a hiding to nothing anyway. They're wonderful at a lot of things, but take them outside their comfort zone and they're as credulous as the next man...

X-Men Origins: Wolverine pirate caged



I suspect you've maybe missed the point... "reviews of the leaked workprint" - "reviews" being the operative word.

You don't have to DL and watch a workprint to read reviews of the workprint - esp when, as pointed out, no other pre-release reviews are available because the production company hasn't shown the film to anyone.

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash


"at least one jaguar already managed to wrap itself around a tree due to, indeed, a genuine BSOD."

Source? I could do with a laugh..

Gov web boss: Our sites look like bleak council estates


Fucks sake.

What a Completely Unbelievable Nonsensical Tit.

Chief rabbi: Steve Jobs' Apple lust spreads misery, despair


"never advertised to anybody" != "nobody knows it exists"

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos


I believe the downvotes are for the astroturfing dear chap. At least, mine is.

Why on earth would you register an account just to emit that bland nothing?

Think your CV is crap? Your interview skills are worse


I would have thought that someone who was a bruiser, displayed poor judgement and a balls-out devil-may-care attitude to what's acceptable, with a side order of extreme-bullshitting capabilities, would have been the ideal candidate for those shysters no?

If you'd said you killed and ate puppies for fun they'd probably have given you 50% more than you asked for.


I'm with you. Outlook's a joke. Lotus Notes is the business. Just because it's implemented badly by an enormous number of people, doesn't mean it's shit. It just means the idiots managing it are shit. Maybe they should have been a little more rigorous in their selection processes for personnel?


I firmly believe this book should be required reading for everyone who wants to play at being a human.

Amazon's new Kindle Fire stripped naked


An object lesson in how to fail at being a troll.

Piss poor effort.

Why your tech CV sucks


I just can't tell whether this is a rather good joke, or simple stupidity..


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