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Apple iPhone sales down by double digits, Mac sales knifed by Intel CPU 'constraints'

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Continued growth in services which achieve close to double the margin of hardware sales

A wearables business that would be a Fortune 200 company

It's almost as if weaning the company off being a single product business is a good idea...

PCs were more and less expensive in Q1 as shipments stalled

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Re: Cost Have Increased A Lot - Quality Reduced

Or this could just be complete nonsense and he's just slating Dell without foundation...

Voice assistants are always listening. So why won't they call police if they hear a crime?

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This 'journalist' has no idea how the technology works. Oh for the days of Mike Magee.

UK web grocer Ocado takes £500k hit after robo-warehouse tech splurge

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Re: Wouldn't go anywhere near them.

Depends what they are spending on capital investments which don't affect net profit in full but do affect cash flow

Months late, unaudited: ZX Spectrum reboot firm files accounts

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I can answer that question.

Companies with turnover (sales) less than £6M in a 12 month period do not need their accounts audited.

October proves to be the cruellest month for Twitter staff as 350 more laid off

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The question is...

What do the remaining 3200 odd people actually do?

Advertising sales I get, some technical resource and a bit of admin. That's say 100 people?

Squeaky bum time for Apple: It hasn’t made enough iPhone 7 Pluses

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Pray tell why the home button is better on a 6 or indeed why a headphone jack matters when every other Android vendor is moving to USB for audio.

More mindless Apple bashing from The Reg. Bring back MMM

Tesla 3 orders fall by 12,200

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500,000 cars...

Ho Ho Ho

Read the notes from the last investor call

Tesla have ZERO chance of building 500,000 cars in 2018.

They are clueless on manufacturing and have failed to bring in the auto industry experience that would hope to bridge the massive gap between reality and Musk speak.

Mega UK distributor DCC Tech: 2016 was our annus horribilis

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Having seen the amount of returns DCC process for Samsung I'd imagine that in a year or so this contract will swing back round and be put through distribution again.

SCREW YOU, BRITS: We're going through with UK independence ANYWAY – Scotland

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The inconvenient current price of oil, Scotland basing their independence on US$110 a barrel as 'worst case' seems to go unmentioned by the SNP...

HP says it will sue former Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussein

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Autonomy viewpoint here


Apple asks judge to axe ebook price-fixing watchdog

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Surely any monitor just needs to check any new contracts to see if they comply with the court ruling? That's quite a simple job. Questions over whether this man is worth US$1100 an hour are raised because he is outsourcing the work to another set of lawyers (and earning an admin fee on their costs) as he doesn't not have the specific knowledge.

'Disturbed' Dell investors could tank private buyout

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Except of course Dell is focussing heavily on the Data Centre market where it is eating HP's lunch.

Data Centres which are required for SmartPhones, Tablets et al to work in the way you expect...

Skype launches in-call ads

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Dear freetards

You don't want ads? Pay for it. Skype Premium with multi way video calling costs less than £3 a month and includes voice calls to landline/mobiles to a country you choose (albeit from a limited list). Anyone who wasn't expecting some attempt at monetisation is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Bah, humbug! Virgin Media censors Charles D**kens

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Yes Any Questions is Radio 4 version of Question Time, slightly less Tabloid

Deadly drive drought derails Dell's PC biz

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b166er - yes well done except you appear to have a crystal ball that knows what specific component is going to go short. Multiply it out by all the components in a PC.

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