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Ten iPhone 5 challengers

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Re: Asus PadFone

I have Three's "The One" tariff and can confirm tethering is included. best tariff ever

UK physical game sales hit rock bottom


cos you can't find the damn things

I still prefer spending money on things I can hold. I tried so hard to find Diablo 3 in a shop. could I find it? could I ******. no wonder sales are suffering. Steam's all very well but some games aren't on it, and the digital copy of Diablo 3 was a lot more expensive than the retail box version. Same was true for Mass Effect 3. Go figure!

Apple patent may foretell an end to iPhone autocorrect Tourette's


Re: Swiftkey? Android Jellybean?

Appologies. I guess I should be more clear on where I vent my annoyance. This is just another case where Apple's patent grabbing little hands find another thing they can patent through careful tweaking of something that practially already exists, then they make a big fanfare about how they have a new tech or whatever and all the fanbois squeal and hop about happy. Siri, I'm looking at you


Swiftkey? Android Jellybean?

Apple you really are annoying me now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 'a harmful drug', says Apple in ban bid fail


A harmful drug????

Oh for feck sake Apple, Grow up.

Harmful drug? why not go all the way with your crybaby antics...

Apple: "...and they stole my lunch money.....and they ran over my kitten, ... and they poison puppies..."

New Apple keyboard patent may spell trouble for Android


patent trolls ahead

erm, I had one on my Sony Ericsson P800 before the iphone existed. I really really hate the mess of patent wars that are ruining the tech industry.

Asus: Ice Cream Sandwich Transformer Pad out in May

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HTC One X Android smartphone


so close, but misses in some important areas

I've been interested in what this phone is like, maybe a worthy replacer for my Samsung Galaxy SII, but sadly some things are missing on the One X that sadly has put me off this thing. Firstly, the lack of MicroSD slot. Yes I do need more than 32GB on my phone. On my Galaxy SII I have a 32GB microSD full of music, as I like having access to a lot of my music collection. Cloud storage isn't useful should I be listening to music on the move and the signal drops. Anything else, I store directly on the phone. One final problem is the battery life. It's kind of expected to have such a powerful phone use so much power, but the phones battery is no removable. for such a short battery life, without the ability to replace with a secondry battery for those times you're not able to keep the thing charged is a problem.

Ten... Valentine's Day gifts for her



"of course it's for girls, it's pink. girls like pink" #facepalm

Retailer drops Eee Pad Transformer Prime, claims quality issues


My prime is damn fine

Well it's their loss. With all the rumours, chat an banter about problems with the Prime I was worried about getting one. Bloomin glad I didn't change my mind. My prime is perfect. Not a single problem with it at all and I'm surprised how much it's surpassed my expectations. I admit I haven't used the GPS yet so unsure if it's up to anything, but the fact I've not needed it yet means no problems for me.

World of Warcraft subscriptions slip


No need to panic

Erm, over 10 million subscribers does not look like Blizzard should be panicking any time soon. Virtually every other mmo out there can only dream of having that many. And it's far far too early to start calling it a decline in mmos in general. WoW is between expansions right now and there's always been a drop in subscriptions at this time. But mark my words, just watch the sales figures come in when the Mists of Pandera come in. Guaranteed to break records.

As for a Warcraft IV, that will never happen since the warcraft story is being played out in WoW and any single player based game would have to either tell the same story or come up with a spin off plot. And if it's RTS you want Blizzard have the ever expanding Starcraft franchise

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