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Phone-hack saga: Police cuff man in southwest London



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David Cameron is 46 though...

Dishonored game review


Re: So it does get better then?

As has been said, that's all just the tutorial.

In my first sitting I got up to the point where you're about to start the first proper mission and thought "I'm not really feeling this game". The next time I played I went straight into the first proper mission, spent 2 hours playing, and I'm still only part way through. I 'get' the game now. It makes sense. I'm really enjoying having to sit back and think about something before I do it, climbing up above the guards and planning out a route, dropping behind them to take them out without them ever knowing I was there...

Like you said, it's difficult at first to gauge how the guards behave, but once you get into the more open environments after you've broken out of prison it becomes a much better game.

I'm loving the feel of the city, the way it immerses you, the chatter of the population, the little side quests (the second of which involves a moral choice)...

I could go on, but I won't, as the review says it better than I could. (Go because you should go and play it some more)

Borderlands 2 review


Re: Inventory fatigue

You can use the mouse wheel now! But the inventory screen is still pretty awful. You have to click between two columns (one for equipped and one for backpack), both of which are pretty narrow.

See image for an example: http://www.notebookcheck.net/typo3temp/pics/0534626633.jpg

There is a dedicated key for comparing items, but it's not that intuitive, to me. It'd be far better to have both columns available for clicking/hovering-over on one screen, without having to click between the two.

The same kind of layout exists for the skill trees. I spent a good few hours thinking that each character only had two skill trees in this one before I realised that the default screen for skills shows the central tree, with a tree off screen to either side. Again, that makes comparing the skills needlessly difficult.

Interface issues aside, it's a fun game.

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN


Hardly surprising

I've had to complain to them and I'm not even a customer! Never have been, never will be. As expected, their customer service (though as I wasn't a customer I guess it's slightly unfair to call it that) was awful.

Siri subtly shifts smartphone allegiance

Big Brother

A guy in the office asked the same question yesterday and got "The one you're holding"

Lovefilm, Netflix 'no competitive constraint' on Sky Movies


I can see where they're coming from. Monopolies are never good. But if Ofcom step in and make them split the packages, as happens with Premier League football, then it's the consumer that loses.... Sky don't drop their prices for sport but the consumer now has to subscribe to Sky Sports AND ESPN to watch all the games.

I can see a similar thing happening with movies. Sky will sign up exclusive deals with the most popular studios, keeping the better films for themselves, whilst Netflix and Lovefilm fight over the scraps (getting, say, 1 studio each). Sky keep their price the same as they have popular films, and the consumer now has to subscribe to Sky AND Lovefilm AND Netflix just to have the same choice as before.


Re: Tick tock.... time's running out for SKY

£16 per month ;)

Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping


If you already subscribe to the channels then Sky Go is free (so if you have movies and sport on your TV then you have the relevant programming on Sky Go). As is Anytime+. For the time being anyway.

As has been said though, Android version please!

Samsung offers Galaxy Nexus pre-orders through Phones4U


Phones 4 U?

Wouldn't go near those jokers if you paid me.


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