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Shaky liftoff for Sputnik: Dell's Linux lappie runs its own cloud, ish

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I got one the day it got released, and have had no problems to date. Hibernation works, Shutdown works (every time), Bluetooth works, and most importantly it doesn't try to lift off by running the fans at full speed constantly like my old Viao. So there.

Although I never got a ubuntu sticker on the front, only the logo etched into the base plate. Might need to return it now.

Habitable HEAVY GRAVITY WORLD found just 42 light-years away


Re: So....

Considering the voyager probes are only something like 0.02 light years away, i fear we will never know in our lifetimes.

Google crafts algorithms to get more women in more positions


One third?

Wow, that's a lot of cleaners....

German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’


Quantum physics isn't wierd

Why does everyone think quantum physics is weird? It's only weird if you carry on grasping the idea that there is a reality and when someone walks around the corner they still exist.

I'm pretty sure that it is all a simple case of the developers taking shortcuts whilst making the game of life, thinking that the little sims would never find out.

Now, where's my coat, i'm off to do whatever the hell I want, it's my reality.

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash



Way too many people here criticising modern cars, stating that you should learn how to drive better instead of owning a car with all the fancy gizmos. It is becoming clear to me that the reason we don't have the so promised flying cars is that not even el reg readers would by one, unless of course they were entirely mechanical.

I for one value the modern innovations inside my car, and as such put my trust and life into the engineering it has been through. To move into the future, putting a big manual override button on the dash will never work if we want cars to drive autonomously or perhaps take off. If the software or engineering has issues, they need to be resolved, not removed.

LOHAN fondles substantial concrete buttocks


Oneal Morris

I'm rubbish at backronyms, but surely something about this crackpot can be used..


Bill Gates drops $1m on laser-based malaria fighter



Why does everything have to resort to frikkin laser beams? Me thinks buying 200k extra nets would have been a better investment.

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