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South Korea probes 'mobe patent bully-boy' Samsung


It'll all be a total farce if it reaches a point where the actual technology related patents are meaningless but the subjective ones, like the rounded corners, well we can protect those to the tune of billions.

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever


Surely something is missing

Not only am I amazed at Steve Jobs' inclusion on the first list, but why the hell isn't the Game Boy on the second list! Yeah sure there were portable games machines before (I loved my Nintendo Game & Watch collection), but the Game Boy made portable gaming popular with the mobile masses. To have the iPhone top the list of influential devices and the Game Boy nowhere to be seen is an absolute kick in the teeth to Nintendo and shows not only what a short sighted back slapping view these guys were taking, but also makes it look like they're trying to all keep Apple sweet.

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