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Samsung flogs 10 million Galaxy S IIIs in 7 weeks


S3 not for me

Wow, 10 Million. I must be the only person that does not like the S3 then. I took it as an upgrade after reading so many pro-Android posts on the Reg, and after reading the spec thought it should be a decent phone. I had the choice between the 4S and the S3.

The damn thing is a mini-tablet! This barely qualifies as a phone - needing 2 hands to perform most operations it has been built with the design brief of a wet bar of soap in that it just wants to leave your hands as soon as you handle it. The smooth curved edges do nothing for the ergonomics of actually using it.

The O/S I am sure is capable if you're a techie willing to put up with "<insert app name> has stopped" over and over. In 3 weeks of ownership the S3 has "crashed" 14 times. By crashed, ending the task did nothing; only a reboot allowed me back in to Messaging (for example).

On top of that, why is it most of the apps want unconditional access to your call logs, network usage, contacts, calendar, GPS and first born children? Choose "No" to anything and you don't get the app. Sell your soul (or your contacts and phone stats in this case) with no guarantee of where this info ends up!

A couple of updates, and lots of calls to Samsung (who have been totally useless) and things are still no better. Hopefully a Jelly Bean upgrade in the future will rid it of the Samsung pre-load rubbish and make things a bit more stable.

I run a work Blackberry which performs better than this polished turd, albeit without the "smugphone" functionality.

BlackBerry App World hits 3bn downloads, 27bn more to go


How many of those downloads are Enterprise Activation since RIM removed it from the devices as standard? Now businesses with BES are forced to create a Blackberry App World login and download it to the device before they can set the damn thing up.

A whopping 14Kb free App that they chose not to include so they could drive up Blackberry App World accounts and downloads. Sneaky.

We're looking a droid handsets now instead of renewing the 80+ Blackberries we have. Generally our userbase has better personal phones which offer more functionality. Teams sharing dropbox to send in photo's from site, better barcode/QR code scanning, cheaper apps, better browsing of the Intranet servers, even better document viewing/editing etc. - Blackberry have just fell way behind the times.

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface


Ready the bargain bins...

...as Microsoft brings its Playbook to the Surface.

'Apple's iPhone 4S ate our SIM cards'


Cracks in the walled garden

I have had a 4S since launch. IOS 5 came preloaded and had terrible battery life compared to my iP4 running IOS5. I upgraded to IOS5.0.1 - battery life still terrible, data connectivity is intermittent (i.e. no 3G 70% of the time) and the WiFi needs restarting every day to get it to connect either at work or home.

On top of that, the camera is still cr*p (compared to my old Nokia N95!), and Siri a 5 minute gimmick, especially when it relies on a data connection which the phone cannot keep hold of. Siri (Stupid Idea, Really Iritating) is now turned off due to it being useless on handsfree in the car. Standard voice activated dialling works much better!

My iPhone 4 could easily manage a complete working day (0700 -> 2300) on a full charge, which included calls, a few photos, twitter, email, and the odd game etc. My 4S just abaout gets me to 1800hrs before I start thinking of my nearest charger.

Location services, wifi and bluetooth are all turned off now. Which almost makes it an expensive iPod.

The iPhone suited my needs for a phone, sat nav, browser, email checker and casual game player with the odd bit of work remote desktop thrown in. Walled garden or not - it just works and suited me.

Apple have a problem - and they need to fix it pronto before people start to see daylight through the cracks in the walled garden and wonder if there is anything better on the other side.

Activision banned me from Call of Duty gig, says exotic performer


Microsoft - Not EA

This is Microsoft's call not EA's. They did not want to be associated with any more Red Rings of Death.


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