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Gloves off in NYSE: Red Hat trading tech face-off

Gordon Sim

I agree, a wire-protocol is vital for interoperability and much more valuable in my opinion than an API. To present MAMA as an alternative to AMQP, as the article does, is not accurate. MAMA is an alternative to JMS or WCF. AMQP does not define an API, MAMA does not define a wire-protocol.

Standard APIs are all well and good in - addition to standard protocols, not instead of them. Whether or not MAMA succeeds in that area remains to be seen.

Gordon Sim

why worry about the facts?

The AMQP initiative was first announced over 5 years ago with Red Hat as a participant and there have been regular PR events since then describing progress culminating in the final 1.0 release last month. The 'apropos of nothing' comment therefore is a little ignorant.

More importantly MAMA is an API while AMQP is a wire-level protocol. As open specifications they are therefore entirely complementary and both aim at offering greater choice to users.

If OpenMAMA takes off you may even see implementations emerge that use AMQP underneath it. Whether there is sufficient appetite for these APIs of course remains to be seen, particularly in Java and .NET where there are already well established APIs for messaging in JMS and WCF respectively.



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