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Ex-Sun chief to fight Davis in '42 days' by-election


Principled Stand

The thing that really aggravates me is that this has been the first politician in many many years to have the balls to put his reputation and job on the line for something he believes in. (How many politicians have threatened to quit over an issue and subsequently haven't.) Politicians are constantly slagged off for their inability to give a straight answer and slippery nature but the second someone makes a clear stand they get slated anyway. Some so called "political commentators," have speculated it may be to make Cameron look bad or that he may still be interested in the leadership which is quite frankly ridiculous. Anbody who understands politics on any more than a superficial level would know that this is a crazy theory that is complete rubbish. Not only that they talk about 'Party divides,' and a 'crisis,' which angers me ever more. They just seem to make it up as as they go along, and seem to have very little knowledge of what is actually going on.

Finally Labour cite the fact that the public support it hence it must be right.

The public support hanging, the public want Labour out of office, the public didn't want to ratify the Lisborn treaty, and yet nothing is done or changed. The fact that the general public wants something does not make it automatically right.

It's parliaments job to protect people from their "baser passions," and stop stupid knee-jerk emotive reactions to things that are not fully understand.

So stop using this as evidence you stupid thick Labour MPs that somehow keep managing to appear on TV. Get David Milliband as a leader or at least get him making appearances and you may start to look good again.

MPs squeeze science back onto select committee list


Edmund Burke..

I totally disagree with you there Matthew because the entire point of a representative democracy and the parliamentary system is that the Members of Parliament are your representatives. Their constituents are essentially their employers regardless of intellect,race, or creed. Remember in a democracy everyones vote is equal. Although MPs sometimes must use their own judgement, knowledge and wisdom to protect the public, from our 'baser passions,' as it were. For instance every single poll on capital punishment in Britain shows the public would bring back hanging...something that would never pass through the Commons. {Here comes the representative bit,} famously Edmund Burke commented that he is not a servant of the people but a representative so essentially he will follow his own convictions. However this does not mean that constituents should be ignored completely as Burke said "Their wishes ought to have great weight with him; their opinion, high respect; their business, unremitted attention."

Regarding Religion/Science. Everyone is entitled to believe in what the hell they like, I think for some people faith in something is needed and it's no bad thing, However when it begins to interfere with other disciplines especially Science it becomes unnacceptable in Government. Our Science education after the syllabus changes this year is going to be diabolic anyway, the Government needs to sort this out!

Exams, contracts, and nuclear research: stupid, stupid, stupid


Mine Question


First we need to find out the circumference of the motorised drum.

2 * pi * 0.35 = 2.2 (rounded to 2DP, yes rounding in the middle of a question is bad but it fits nicely with the next part.)

22/2.2 Gives us 10 which shows us it takes 10 rotations of the drum from top to bottom, and since 10 RPM was given to us earlier we now know it take 1 minute to go from the top to the bottom.

From the top

60 second down

10 seconds loading

60 seconds up

10 seconds unloading

= 140 seconds

* 3 (because the lift only holds 10 so for 21 people three trips are needed.)

= 420 seconds (7 Minutes.)

Calculator was used because I was unsure whether the answer would become decimal or how accurately PI was expected to be :) (Well actually calculator is missing in action so i used google instead.)

Just for the record - 16 Year Old from Oxfordshire.

(And the reaction of the Physics teacher in the other attack will be praised by teachers and likeminded students. I was forced to endure double science with a load of wiffly waffly rubbish and not much real Physics. Biology and Chemistry was simply taught awfully and incredibly boring however for Physics I felt some hope. My teacher is just retiring and so his Physics education was bloody hard, he knew his stuff and although the spec was crap he often went of on interesting tandems that kept be interested. For the record I think we managed 2 practical sessions in two years (whoo,)I hope that AS Physics is a damn site better than this rubbish, I want to learn real Science.)

I worked this out on a pad and i promise I have not read the answers from above!



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