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Farewell then, Sony Ericsson


P800 was a great phone

I had a P800 engineering pre-release sample from T-Mobile for 3rd party software development. Loved that phone and used it as my main phone for a good few years.


PowerPivot: a new spin on understanding your business


its actually a good toolset

Im looking at deploying this for some of our key power users who do analysis as we can

1) push the powerpivot model they generate into sharepoint and let powerpivot in sharepoint do the work/refresh after that.

2) Via sharepoint control how often data refreshes and ensure that the business isnt full of dead out of data excel spreadsheet in the org.

3) allow our Excel 2007 business users access that data via Excel Services within sharepoint. No need for Excel 2010 on their desktop at all.

4) via this route allows IS to begin oversight and understanding of the data that being hacked by business units.

Also from that stepping point we can then pull a "powerpivot in sharepoint" model and generate a cube from it. This allows the crap excel to fall to the bottom, and the valuable data getting used to eventually be accepted by the IS department and re-engineered correctly. Its not perfect but breaks the bottom down bottlenecks of business waiting for data, also it allows IS to see the sort of data business units would usually hide away on their desktops.



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