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I used to be a dull John Doe. Thanks to Huawei, I'm now James Bond!

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while sitting on a beanbag in the middle of an art installation at Tate Modern

Surely the Tate's a bit of a potential 'poseurs palace' - I can think of no better place to run into someone looking to harvest an apple or two from the unwary.

Time to update the Winslow apple.

McKinsey’s blockchain warning irks crypto hipsters

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Re: Blockchain

I think the issue is, that while it'a a solution looking for a problem; it's a very convincing solution.

ergo, there must be a problem looking for it.

A desperate to be solved problem, a lucrative and very profitable problem.

It's not so much follow the money as chase it in this case.

Bloody Ferengi.....

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It's 2019, and it's still a solution looking for a problem???

Bipartisan Kumbaya: President Trump turns Obama's open govt data policy into law

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Re: Who gets the gold star?

Yes, it is indeed called the Johnson Space Center, not the

'cause apollo looked like someones johnson?

US Department of Defense to fling $1.76bn at Microsoft

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Re: Make America Great Again

This may be why no-one has voted on it yet. Whilst to me, a real English speaker the sarcasm is funny, I'm wary of up-voting it for fear of encouraging the Trumpites.

NB, Trump was once a bourgeois euphemism for Fart. Now it's literal.

And yet, not a one has suggested that the money could be used to build a wall instead?

CES flicks the off switch on massager award… and causes a buzz

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Metadata shortfall?

As you suggested, most people look at any given picture and merely skim the text, actually absorbing and processing none of it.

Given full and accurate details down to size and material composition is largely irrelevant if the wetware is just going to ignore it.

Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend

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I expect the experiment is lacking that human touch, and oh, insanely vast amounts of money as a social and romantic lubricant.

Just for EU, just for EU, just for EU: Forget about enforcing Right To Be Forgotten outside member states

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Re: EU being sensible again...

I can't recall the UK government ever managing to string this many words together on any mildly technical subject.

On the Contrary, The UK government have indeed managed to string an awful lot of words together on technical subjects.

...The just haven't yet managed to make any coherent sense, since they can't tell the trendy marketing bollocks from the actually important technical keywords.

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Re: The Right to Suppress your population more like...

How would this even work ? EU retards. This is information control by the EU on

their own population in its early stages... what, they gonna ban VPN's next ??? They say China blocks most the web from its citizens,, they wanna go down that road too ???

RTBF is the right of an individual not to have old no longer relevant information that is not in the public interest popping up on Google Search results, and, as I understand it, requires Google to ensure that such information no longer appears on search results.

It just makes the information harder to reach, it does not remove it.

There are no governmental Winnie the Poohs here. Save your righteous paranoia for where it matters.

Hubble 'scope camera breaks down amid US govt shutdown, forcing boffins to fix it for free

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Re: Crazy

I think the universe can wait on fixing a telescope until we have PROPER BORDER SECURITY.

Are you saying those on the south side of the border can't use boats?

The UK has 20 miles of water isolating it (at least as much a hurdle as a wall) - yet there's still an illegal immigration problem.

Best option is to turn your country into a shithole no one could possibly want to live in - luckily, with Trump - your well on your way already.

Windows 10 Insiders sent on quest deep into Registry to fetch goblet of Reserved Storage

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Re: Reserved Storage

avoid losing their data when your fucking OS kicks the bucket AGAIN

But it's YOUR OS too, if you've chosen t use it.

Might be less yours than previous versions, what with the rampant hard to switch off nastiness, the force fed updates etc.

You knew what you were buying, it's not a new brand, you knew who and what you were dealing with, yet you went ahead anyway....

Drone goal! Quadcopter menace alert freezes flights from London Heathrow Airport

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Re: "environmental terrorists"

Terrorism could reasonably be described as causing damage for political goals.

Well, that's a dangerously anti-democratic definition. Are you a member of the Cabinet?

By that, any mostly peaceful protest, becomes terrorism if it affects commerce or some opportunistic lout breaks a window due to the over-stimulation....

Any effect on the economy is already considered damage if the government doesn't think they caused it.

Before you know it, wearing a bad suit outside an expensive fashion emporium is terrorism.

Lets stick to terrorism being causing or threatening loss of life. To prevent plod from extending terrorism to include batty stressed housewives shoplifting sprees.

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Re: "environmental terrorists"

Lets face it the tree huggers have "form" in respect of various stupid, risky and obstructive actions - climbing industrial machinery at coal power stations, gluing themselves to various commercial and government buildings

Going by that list, it's mostly putting their lives as on the line as what they are trying to protect.

Any drone big enough to have a hairy scruffy type strapped to it would be hard to miss I'd think.

Doesn't really fit the M.O.

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Re: At least people can take comfort from the fact that ...

Do these MPs understand that 'no deal' isn't an option (i.e. something you choose)? It's just what happens when you refuse everything else,

Probably out of fear that Reese and the Exit means exit group will vote for No Deal with all the same ferver of the radicals yelling admiral ackbar and lighting a fuse in a packed public space.

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Re: Where are the UFO's?

Everything is a drone sighting these days, why can't old fashioned alien saucers cause an alert anymore?

Maybe no one believes in flying saucers these days, while they do believe in drones.

When the human brain sees something they can't grok, they invariably jump to the most recent myth on the popular gossip circle.

I don't think sightings of unrecognised flying things in previous centuries prior to the concept that the earth was not the centre of creation was either drones or aliens - possibly witches, demons or angels or other [fill in religious cultural bias of your choosing].

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Re: At least people can take comfort from the fact that ...

just as MPs were fighting the government in Parliament, demanding that the government remove 'no deal' as an option.

No Deal is a frothing mental option - the clinically braindead option vs. May's serious head injury option.

I'm starting to think maybe Heathrow decided on not plumping for the luxury executive Drone protection plan option, and Mr Luigi Vercotti and Mr Dino Vercotti will be seen in the Heathrow Administrative offices in the next day or so.

Y'know how you might look at someone and can't help but wonder if they have a genetic disorder? We've taught AI to do the same

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Re: Is this the

The improved version of phrenology is when you have the "correct" bumps engineered into your head by a guy with a hammer so that you get the personality traits you want.

Ah, you mean Retrophrenology

You can go into a shop and order an artistic temperament with a tendency to introspection and a side order of hysteria. What you actually get is hit on the head with a selection of different size mallets

- Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett

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aaaand another step to enable systemic eugenics

Things like this increase my perception we're still on track to repeat the 20th century

Bish, Bash... gosh! Good ol' Bourne Again Shell takes a bow as it reaches version five-point-zero

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Re: "Trusty command interpreter"?

Debian-like distros usually ship with dash, not bash as the default shell, and its executable is literally a tenth of the size.

Good point, having switched from Ubuntu a while back, I'd forgotten that - Ubuntu has followed suit (being a Debian based distro) since 6.10.

I assume in testing on Ubuntu that was taken into account?

Real-time OS: Ordnance Survey gets snuggly with Intel's Mobileye

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Re: Disappointing...

I'm very disappointed in you all.

I think it's due to the pent up need to rant that was stymied by lack of good incendiary over the festive period.

Needed a good Political piece to let that out before the blatant invitation to innuendo was published.

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Re: Ripe for the picking

sponsored by BowWows, the Corgi's choice

Don't you mean BowWows, by Royal Appointment

You don't see those added to labelling anymore? Aren't Hello magazine doing their job of finding out which pile cream elderly member of the R.F. are using to combat the effects of too many photo-ops next to cold stone walls in kilts...? (that's the people in kilts, not the stone walls - although with some of them, it's hard to tell the difference I know).

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Re: Personally, I'd rather they fixed the fucking potholes.

rather than sprinkle "autonomous mapping" shit all over them.

I guess I'm a weirdo.

Well, sounds like O.S. have their shit together - The local councils don't seem to

Perhaps you should start a campaign for the O.S. to take over managing Road Works for the entire country....

Such a vastly inflated organisation would invariably become a fat quango struggling to cope with the overload in no time - i.e. almost a true Government Department.

Amazon exec tells UK peers: No, we don't want to be dominant. Also, we don't fancy being taxed on revenues

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A "mystique" has built up around the term "algorithm", she added, but went on to say that "it's just maths" and Amazon's tracking of customer activity was "the same as old retailers counting footfall".

How come then, tracking in order to sell me more, results in ads for things I've already looked at and dismissed for a similar product or already bought?

The only mystique is that some businesses still seem to think that this method works.

NHS England claims it will be all-digital within the decade

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Re: creating joined-up systems

*It resulted in one female patient being given erectile dysfunction cream for an eye condition causing considerable pain and additional treatment needs, hence costs.

You know what they say about Doctors handwriting....

But I have to question what kind of 'no questions asked' chemists didn't question the prescription vs. any application instructions/customers gender.

Not necessarily digital would have prevented this had the confusion been over similar packaging and inattentive pharmacy staff.

It'll soon be even more illegal to fly drones near UK airports

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Re: Keystone Cops

Instead we got endless interviews with confused and frustrated members of public whose holidays had been ruined!

Personal interest story used to be a new angle, but mostly fit only for 'That's Life' or 'Nationwide' now it's used instead of real investigative journalism.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but BBC news is increasingly articles of this sort.

Linux reaches the big five (point) oh

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Re: Par for the course

(Optional: add a "_rc2" suffix if you can't be arsed to test the hotfix before releasing)

Dashed good idea...

Can we have 'rc' attached to unproven MPs too....?

But of course that would probably be all of them except the deceased ones.

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Re: If only...

Maybe we should all jump ship and start installing GNU/HURD systems?

It'd be nice to have the option - but Linux has much better hardware support for the pic 'n mix lucky bag modern PC space most of us are kinda stuck with...

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3.23 & 4.21

Obvious pattern is obvious

Arbitrary or major upgrade, seems once a release gets some way into the point twenties Linus wants to progress the big hand on the clock.

Probably something pskologicaly in that, but I can't be arsed....

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Don't worry, it's only money

Considering the Royals bring in more than they cost........

In the case of Charles, some in Cornwall might disagree...

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: Don't worry, it's only money

I think one of the problems with the EU is that it's very real benefits founded on lasting peace and on freedom of movement of goods, services and people has become so intrinsic and basic to Europe a to be taken for granted.

Maybe less benefit for UK citizens/subjects of her majesty/inmates of the overpriced island cul-de-sac.

Popping over to a neighbouring EU country has never seen the benefit that it has on mainland Europe, and I am not certain that lack of benefit is down to the mere geographic boundary, but certainly a provincial island mentality that leads the government to want to rifle through your overnight bag for the sheer hell of it as you pass the border, freedom of movement or no.

This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far

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Re: As ever

"If you're not paying the owner of the product for the product, you are the product."

Is probably more correct.

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

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Re: Didn't know that - which one?

Or is it a case of "I'm all right Jack"?

Isn't that the Brexit attitude?

The Winds of the future blowing back, showing how it's going to be. UK thoughtlessly bundling government services on a platform tied to one provider alone.

Provided the service or the manual paper based alternative actually work in the first place or the information doesn't get sold/left on a bus or dumped several months before it's critically needed to identify you as not an illegal alien...

More nodding dogs green-light terrible UK.gov pr0n age verification plans

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A lot of people I think here are older and don't realise that the kind and extent of porn on the internet today is a lot more f*cked up. It does not remotely compare to what twas around before broadband.

??? So older people don't look at porn anymore, and we're all going by hazy recollections from our dim and distant yoof when the pictures were sepia and the women like Wookees?

You have to go as deep into the internet as you do that metaphorical dark alley to get the kind of material you are talking about. Dark stuff was actually much closer to the surface of the internet where it could be stumbled upon twenty years ago.

The more harmless the material, the closer to the surface it becomes - much as the drug scene the more dangerous and deadly the drug, the more dangerous the lifestyle (or at least mostly, prior to the recent Coventry incident - but we've no further info on that for the moment).

Like Americas prohibition experiment, make the least likely vice illegal and it raises the stakes to tommy gun levels.

They'll be a Paul Raymond mob along any time now, in dirty macs and kalashnikovs running Russian and Scandinavian porn into the country [Joke]....

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Re: Just like buying a magazine.

Yes, but sadly there ARE parents who 'just don't care'. And really, they should not be having children. But they do,

I'd prefer to see the government bring in legislation to fix that - it'd be much less hassle all round, and probably less risky for the majority.

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: Just like buying a magazine.

I think the idea behind this, is that you have to be 18 to buy a porn magazine from a shop, and therefore you should have the same protection for children.

From my recollection, the 'have to be 18 to buy' rule didn't really count if you just slid the mag under your clothes when the shop assistant was engaged with a customer and wandered out nonchalantly*.

This whole legislation is a) not going to work ad intended, b) is going to open people up to the risk of more fraud and other issues.

And if brexit goes bad, which it will, remove another distraction and dissuade some tension release. Without tension release, violence is more likely, and possibly more likelihood of Britain facing some of the same issues Korea has, as a repressed population seeks an outlet.

* As Bart Simpson would say 'I didn't do it', but I used to know someone who did and who would then sell the goods.

My 2019 resolution? Not to buy any of THIS rubbish

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Re: Hospitality sector had it coming

Same as why I think estate agents still exist. What do they do?

Do they still do all that?

I thought they're purpose was to put leaflets through your door telling you to move away because someone nicer and more deserving aught to live there - Also a popular pastime in certain parts of Northern Ireland (and maybe Gaza).

I'm honestly surprised one half haven't eaten the others yet....

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Re: Hospitality sector had it coming

Travel agents are a historical hangover who probably only still exist because of people who are not IT literate

You could add Insurance brokerages to that - This year mine happily offered a renewal my car insurance at nearly double last years cost.

I found the online big websites a useless waste of time also - had to actually talk to someone on the phone In this day and age???

It's not that I don't think that it shouldn't be necessary but that companies are trying to convince us other methods work as well - they don't.

Found yet another plastic nostalgia knock-off under the tree? You, sir, need an emulator

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Owned both C64 & A550 - kind of wish I still had both

But it'd just be more junk around my neck I might fire up once a blue moon - possessions are a burden.

Do fire up Vice and play L.A S.W.A.T or Street Surfer (I have really cheap taste - and probably shouldn't be taken anywhere classy).

Insiders! The good news: Windows 10 Sandbox is here for testing. Bad news: Microsoft has already broken it

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"We've made the decision to only do one bug bash this release."

Seems sensible, squashing one bug can often create another two new ones.

Seems with Windows, it's almost inevitable.

It's 2019, and from Beijing to Blighty folk are still worried about slurp-happy apps

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Developers warned not to overindulge in personal data

Is it really developers, or the Cloven-hoofed Marketing dept's they're behooven to?

It's 2019, the year Blade Runner takes place: I can has flying cars?

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: " it's the regulation and integration into existing infrastructure"

The closest you'll come to Blade Runner emulation is the Sex Automata with AI.

- I wouldn't be so quick to go for that either.....

There was a slight circuitry problem...'

'She wouldn't stop. It was like being trapped in a milking machine.'

'Well, if sir would care to make another choice, at the expense of the management -'

Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - Grant Naylor

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IIRC some of the electronic pets "died" if you didn't look after them regularly. Unlike gods who merely got smaller as people stopped believing in them.

The 'pets' on Animal Crossing by Nintendo get really stroppy and whiney when you don't play for a week or two, and the town gets weed-choked - it's like being back in shared housing where everything else is someone elses problem, as long as it isn't theirs.

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: C'mon

"'Crowdsourced steering'

Sounds like a random car-jacking during a riot.

Crystal ball gazers declare that Windows 10 has finally overtaken Windows 7

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Put your money away, I just saw this recently, and have not had a chance to test it ;-}


Looks interesting, but I'd be cagey about recommending a BSD to newcomers used to the hardware world ensuring everything is certificated to run on at least the most recent Windows - I'm not sure BSD is as forgiving to people who buy hardware expecting it to just work, but 'Linux is mostly there for most things, even if you have to wait 6 months to a year.

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: But will Windows ever get to 11?

fact is that most people are not moving to Linux, it's just too different - I think there's a market opening for an operating system that looks like, and works like, Windows 7 but runs on OpenBSD or some other secure system

OpenBSD is probably more 'too different' than 'Linux.

You'd be happy to pay for something that's not Windows but would (presumably) run windows?

I have to agree with other reply, bung some money at Wine - it's probably a surer bet than ReactOS in the shortterm - I use it for a few Windows programs I still want to use.

Teiwaz Silver badge

Re: Android

for the major reason that an actual Linux system consists of more than a kernel.

Linux is the kernel, the common alternate desktop O.S you are thinking of is GNU/Linux, often referred to as Linux (should at least be 'Linux though) as it is/was the Linux kernel plus the GNU software stack.

Today, we could probably do with adding a few more, ' /' to the name, but people would still contract the name to just 'linux' and continue to sow confusion.

Oz cops investigating screams of 'why don't you die?' find bloke in battle with spider

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They were either trying to distract the spider with a snack before making their escape, or offering a sacrifice to their new eight-legged god.

Probably trying to get the cat 'switched on' in a hurry - damn things don't come with a manual, and always seem to have a bad motivator.

Had the same problem with a rodent and two cat units, even locked in the room with the intruder they did nothing more than flick an ear at it. Wasn't until six hours later, incident forgotten, that a sudden rucus signalled the cats had come online and done the deed, took the dog by surprise and he went into full policeman mode barking and chased the cats out of the house like criminals.

New Horizons probe reveals Ultima Thule is huge, spinning... chicken drumstick?

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Re: "20 months for the rest of the data to be transmitted back to Earth"

A bit like the 1980s then, waiting for a CBM-64 to load a game from tape*!

(* or from a 1541 disk)

That's not too bad, as long as we can all bop along with the Ocean Loader while we wait...

Teiwaz Silver badge

Let me know when the probe detects the remains of the Uranus expedition from 1986.

Was that the very unsuccessful and much maligned sequel to Fantastic Voyage?

The glorious Brexit uncertainty: The only dead cert on data rules for tech biz in 2019

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Re: My prediction is...

(but it will keep the brexitering muppets happy)

If you believe that, you must be Neville Chamberlains illegitimate offspring - Nothing is going to satisfy that rabid bunch of carpet baggers except selling the UK off as antique castle with raised drawbridge and willing and desperate serfs as a wet tax haven.

Can't we just have the inevitable civil war now while I'm still young enough to have a chance to defend myself from the ravening brigands?

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