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Battlefield 3 is EA's fastest selling videogame. Ever

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EA | Origin customer service and support is non-existent. I pre-ordered BF3 two months in advance only to have it canceled out for some unknown reason by Origin. Just try to find a phone number on EA's site without creating an account .... does not exist. Yellow Pages gave me a number and EA's operator put me into the queue that claimed to have a 20 minute hold. I gave up after 1:10 minutes. Looking for a customer service email was another thing that required the creation of an account. I sent them a message that was not flattering and received an auto-reply claiming a 24 hour response time. Days later, I'm still waiting for anyone in EA land who gives a damn to respond.

The game graphics are improved. It is not very compelling though. Same old stuff warmed up again.


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Verizon users must 'opt in' for privacy

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I read the news today "US operator Verizon Wireless is to log, and sell, customers' browsing and location history, unless the customers specifically opt out of being tracked at every turn." The practice of "opting in for security and privacy" is offensive on many levels. First, my paid service provider should protect me across the board with "security and privacy by default" practices. Verizon is essentially "wire-tapping" or eavesdropping on me without a warrant or my permission is not acceptable. I pay a hefty premium for smartphone services and the idea of getting advertisements shafted to me is not acceptable. I pay a hefty premium for smartphone services and the idea of being profiled and tracked is not acceptable. There are applications on my purchased hardware that again, I pay a hefty premium for that cannot be uninstalled and also are spying on my is not acceptable. Yes I oped out of the bad practices I am aware of, but I suspect there are other facets of my service I am not. This would make a reasonable class action I think and the biggest hurdle might be how to quantify damages. In the event that Verizon of any of these aggregation organizations get breached, there will certainly be opportunities there. My suggestion to Verizon was to consider putting the consumer first rather than corporate greed. It is the customer after all who gave Verizon profit and those folks are letting it get to their corporate heads.



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