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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day



The obligatory first step to begin is to say loudly:

My name is ..., and I am a hoarder...

But did you noticed the trend? You will ONLY need that kit IF you throw it away. You will NEVER need it as long as you have it. As such it is impossible to benefit from you having it.

So logical thing to do is to throw it all away, buy decent stock of alcohol to help with the pain in a few short months until all the requests to borrow stuff you now no longer have died out.

Either my name, my password or my soul is invalid – but which?


Gave up on stupidity a while ago

It would not be too bad if all sites password complexity rules would be the same letting me use the same password for all irrelevant sites. Anyway - the only reason you need to register and log on to most of them is so they can send you spam.

Now I just use "forgot my password" link and enter a new password of required giberrishness every time I need to log on. Even with extra hops it is much easier and even quicker than to come up with and remember unique passwords for each site. I do have a proper password for my email...

I wish login prompts for all sites would contain their password policy upfront - so I can enter required additional symbols in required quantity after my normal password. As it is now I have to go over password reset procedure every time to find that out...

So that's security for you.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


Re: Great Headline, Register

You do know the bypass plans are on display for 45 years now in Alpha Centauri?

Timeout everyone. Y'all know that Musk's $500 'flamethrower' is literally a Boring blowtorch?


Hey, I have a got a bridge for sale, a real bargain...

Do not take things at face value, that's so... Boring.


Re: Here’s to honesty!

Elon actually has said he may try to sell the dirt that boring machine digs out. That might not work as well.

Security for those who know they can't win the security war


Lead Separate Lives

One of these lives has a future, the other does not... Which one - it's up to you...

Google Chrome: Extensions now ONLY from the Company Store


Re: Chrome Uninstalled today.

Oh, but they CAN control you. This is simply a blunder on their side as they are not patient enough to constantly annoy you in small ways so you get used to it and do not uninstall their ad-ware "without considering the benefits". Have patience, have use-cases with monthly growing list of "malware, viruses, inapropriate content" that is being "removed" from their store, internet, world communication infrastructure or some other "important" places. Then more people will believe you and you can slip you BS under radar. Hell - google has been doing it for years. Just some middle manager who want to "double ad revenues within couple of quarters" so he can get a pay rise that has to screw the well oiled brain washing machine.


Re: The Future will be PERFECTLY SAFE

Exactly. You do not need security when _all_ your users are "educated properly".

Where am I going tomorrow? My electric car charger wants to know


Just buffer the power and be done with it

Grid WILL have problem one way or another. They have the only means to regulate it - offer reduced price off peak - like at night. And that is going to be a problem once all the guys start charging at night.

So what is solution? Simply put additional battery packs at home (and at work, and definitely - in "gas" station) and charge them when you will and at whatever pace you choose. And while you are at that - put that silly diary tablet computer away from silly humans and closer to smart batteries. This way it can "negotiate" the best deals on electricity with electric company or take advantage of silly wind mils when the wind actually blows...

Sort of electricity stock market.

In the end if YOU need to be prepared for urgent trips then you say to your system "charge ASAP" - it will draw power in peak time and it will be expensive, BUT this would not upset the grid balance as this very act would (generally) cause peak rates to increase and off-peak to decrease for other customers so they may shift off-peak and restore the "perfect" load balance.

How would you manage this "electricity stock market" and enforce dynamic price for electricity to the customers is entirely another matter, but it definitely much more worth investing research dollar than silly idea of everybody syncing their bathroom time with world plus dog...

Of course it would still work as it is with just two electricity tariffs. Dynamic prices are just a further convenience. You (power company) can (and probably would be forced) to calculate them yearly, but making it every month, day or minute would lead to power company dream - ideal load 24x7 and best price for electric company and each and every customer.

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