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10x power boost for Freeview as London analogue signal cut

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Re: Turn up the wick!

Nope, the old DTV powers were roughly 17dB down on analogue. Post DSO powers are typically 6-10dB down (pretty much on all sites) - that was the whole point of DSO - switch off the high power analogue and you free up spectrum to increase digital powers.

Also, directly comparing analogue radiated powers with digital to establish coverage areas is not a good idea. Digital can work with much lower strengths than analogue. If you need proof of this just look at the radiated powers in the analogue system for analogue sound, and NICAM digital sound. The NICAM carrier powers were around 1/10 of the analogue power, yet NICAM could still give solid reception when both vision and analogue audio were very noisey and starting to fail.

However, as another poster has pointed out, the biggest problem for some people now will be too much signal, overloading all those cheap and nasty freview boxes. This is particulary so for those who have installed high gain "digital" aerials and amplifiers. It's been a problem in other parts of the country, and it's effect is for some channel to be missing completely and is difficult for people to diagnose correctly. At least with analogue, overloading was fairly self evident from floating pictures in the background.


Matt Groening reveals location of Simpsons' Springfield

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Re: Indeed

Heck, haven't seen that video for, er 29 years, thanks for sharing! Some of todays wannabe's could learn something about (cheesy) pop music and videos from that.

I must be getting on a bit as I am fairly sure I have some Tracey Ullman 7 inch vinyl in the cupboard under the stairs.. will have to dig it out and play it later....

What, it's the Simpsons we're talking about? Doh....


Council to chuck £28m wad at schools' ICT supplier

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Re: Who ate all the pis

And while we are at it lets spend lots of money on MS software that won't be used for anything that OpenOffice or LibreOffice can't be.

Double Fail.


GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe

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Sounds just like every other mobile network then.....

And these people have a cheek to charge us money for delivering half-baked service?

I'm on GiffGaff and their service is patchy as hell - it has major capacity issues which they never admit (tested via multiple handsets etc). It typically hits in congested parts of London (most of London, then!) and calls are dropped instantly, one gets the service unavailable tones when attempting to connect a call, I've even had HALF-duplex calls where the recipient can't hear me and thinks it's a prank call(!), SMS fail to send, and don't get me started on internet reliability.


Nanocapacitor slab to boost car batteries

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Re: Stop and start = new batteries

Yeah, and not just the batteries, and the dealers cost to replace them. What about all those catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters that never get properly warmed up and stay warmed up, so fail much sooner than they normally would? Plus all those acidic exhaust gases that now get to condense in the exhaust system and cause it to rust much quicker. Plus what does stop/start tech do to the life of a starter motor? Given that a starter motor doing a few starts a day lasts for, lets say, 120,000 miles, do stop/start ones last for only 20,000 miles?

Manufacturers seem to love to spend OUR money on waste of space technology, 'cause it reduces their CO2 figures by a few g/km or saves £50 a year road tax, but adds hundreds, if not thousands onto the total costs of ownership of a car over its lifetime. And don't even mention the hassle of having it go wrong at the most inconvenient moment..... Having a lazy starter motor is one thing when you are sitting in a car park and take a few attempts to get it engaged and going, it's another entirely when you are stop/starting along a busy motorway or at a busy set of traffic lights.


Voda in 3G blackhole probe by ASA

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Voda 3g

IMHO Voda need to be investigated by Ofcom (for compliance with their license/coverage requirements) , not the ASA (though they do have a cheek to market 3G wireless broadband...).

As a self-employed bod who travels the length and breadth of the UK on a frequent basis, with a 3G Nokia on Voda, and a USB dongle on 3 for my laptop, there is no comparison between the networks. Voda's 3G coverage is an abysmal embarrassment. Outside built up areas it is non existent, and even in those areas it can be very patchy and slow. We are now almost 10 years into 3G technology, yet Voda have not even upgraded all of their 2G cells for 3G coverage, let alone built significant infills. My business often takes me to work on or next to cell sites, and I can stand there reading the Vodafone logo on a cabin door, yet there is no 3G coverage. Their 2G coverage is generally second to none, so they need to stop resting on their laurels and running on past glories and get some investment into their UK network and not on sponsoring football shirts and whatever.

When 3G first appeared Glasgow city centre was one of the areas across the UK which was "wired up" for discreet cellular coverage, with lots of infill points to create an experimental "wireless city". AFAIK that network is still there and Voda have access to it, so they have no excuse other than laziness and taking their eye off the ball.

And if you complain to Voda about 3G coverage? They ask for your postcode and offer to send you a femtocell PoS. What has my home postcode got to do with it? It's a bl**dy MOBILE phone - the clue being in the title. It actually works fairly well in my home.

Having spent a year with an I-phone on Voda my business partner ditched them in favour of 3 earlier this year and hasn't looked back, and whenever I get round to retiring my old Nokia I won't be hanging around with Voda either.

ooh, feel better for that now. Good start to a Monday morning...




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