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Data exfiltrators send info over PCs' power supply cables

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Re: Dell is like Hell only Dull

No, they should turn the caps lock light off when the caps lock is enabled, so that it mirrors the logic of power lights that go off when a device is turned on.

Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed

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"Can't we get God to do it?"

Yes. Yes. that is a good plan. We should also invent guns available on line so that American Republicans can kill people remotely if they feel threatened or if they feel that their God given right to own a gun is being undermined.

God gave us guns to cleanse the world. Guns are good. The Penis is evil. The Penis shoots seeds.


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The internet is a series of tubes.

Language bugs infest downstream software, fuzzer finds

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Re: but... will anyone learn from this?

Why should anyone care if their apps are insecure when every app and OS is insecure?

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Re: but... will anyone learn from this?

Regression testing?

Oh please. If your buffer can overflow, then just make it bigger.

That is the solution to every problem isn't it?

Intel finds critical holes in secret Management Engine hidden in tons of desktop, server chipsets

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Re: Yet?


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Retards are using C

The OS is obviously written in C, and since C doesn't manage pointers properly and the C standard library is chock full of buffer overflows, they obviously couldn't manage to produce correct working code because the errors were to deep in the OS.

C is by far the worst programming language ever created, and it's authors should have been strung up and publicly hanged for their incompetence.

Climate change bust up: We'll launch our own damn satellites if Trump pulls plug – Gov Brown

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Well done Jerry Brown. My respect for you has increased tremendously.

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Re: Not sure about that

"and an inventor, scientist, philanthropist to the city of Metropolis, and one of the most intelligent people in the world."

In his tiny little mind. Drumpf is all of those things.

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Re: "Deniers" a pejorative? I think not

"Is that one of those that Dr Gavin Schmidt has adjusted to make it warmer?"

He is also is causing the polar ice caps to melt.

He is a powerful man. But doesn't have the capacity to save you from your life of abject ignorance.

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"So composting then?'

High protein cattle feed.

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Re: @Rik Myslewski -- "Deniers" a pejorative? I think not

"We're not sure of the reasons though " - Marc

Leprechauns.. Clearly.

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Re: "Deniers" a pejorative? I think not

"The physics wasn't as solid as you seem to think" - Denialist Coward

Says the scientific illiterate.

The facts are simple. Long wave radiation is absorbed by CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, and re-radiated in a random direction - 50% of the time with a downward directional component.

This makes the movement of that long wave radiation a random walk, and the statistics of random walks is well known.

So unless you are going to invalidate the last 200 years of science, your childish pronouncements are not going to be realised.

On the other hand if you think that you are going to invalidate the last 200 years of science developed by literally millions of experts, then you have some serious mental illness and need to get some psychiatric help.

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Re: "Deniers" a pejorative? I think not

"There's going to be a paper published in the not-too-distant future demonstrating exactly what's wrong with the models" - Denialist Coward

Ya, it's going to happen just before Christ returns to save you from your sin of being a congenital liar.

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Re: "Deniers" a pejorative? I think not

"Get back to us when the temps start to rise again" - Denialist John

My goodness. Denialist John hasn't heard that 2016 is the warmest year in the last 120,000 years.

He must be a brain dead Drumpf supporter.

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The proper course of action to take against deniers is a quick public hanging from the nearest tree branch or lamp post.

Their crimes?

Treason against nature and mankind.

Criminal Stupidity.

Clean the gene pool of these treasonous inferiors.

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"Just so you know, use of the insulting and pejorative term "denier" shows you for what you are" - John

Yup, He shows himself to be a honest and reasonable man.

That is pretty much the opposite of what your comment says about you John.

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Re: Bad idea

"If Brown attempts to defy the Office of the President as this article implies, he could be easily charged with sedition." - Kook

Not by the definition of sedition used by the federal government.

You seem to think that the presidents whims must be followed and adherence to those whims is enforced by law.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Re: Bad idea

"Brown is talking about potentially defying the Federal Government." - Kook

Are you trying to say that the Republicans will prevent private individuals from launching climate monitoring satellites so that they can hide and deny the reality of Global Climate Change?

Wouldn't that deceit be grounds for impeachment?

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Re: "Lukewarm Lemmings and the Lysenko Larceny" at FauxScienceSlayer

"One cannot describe a chaotic, dynamic system with a single parameter" - Kook

Yup. And now you know why scientists call it "climate change", while the unwashed masses call it "Global Warming".

Seems to me that you need a bath.

Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's actually good thing

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Re: Kind'a

Title: "Silicon Valley's oligarchs got a punch in the head – and that's actually good thing"

How did they get punched in the head? This election is an irrelevancy to them. Tech policy was never discussed during the campaign. Trump stated no preferences regarding Tech policy and advocated no changes.

Orlowski is imagineering.

"Eventually that leads to the elites wishing they had a new electorate, rather than listening and leading. And ultimately, that leads to a Trump" - Orlowski

Trump is an Elitist. He claims to be a multi-billionaire.

So Orlowski's comment makes zero sense.

But making zero sense and fantasizing is exactly how people like Orlowski thinks.

This is not a drill: Hackers pop stock Nexus 6P in five minutes

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Isn't it time to admit that the LinTard OS is the least secure OS in the world, and that the developers will be patching the OS for the next 1000 years and it still won't be an insecure Piece of Shit?

Rip it up, and start over.

Rip it up, banish all of the LinTard Fanboys, hire some adults and get on with the job of producing a secure system that isn't a UniTard abomination.

Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works

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Re: Errrm

The author presumes that future economies must be Capitalist ones and then continues on that basis.

Pro Corporate Propagandists always do that.

Society need not be so constrained.

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Re: Errrm

"how many TVs are in your house now compared to when you were a kid growing up?"

When I was growing up there was 1 TV in my house. Today I own zero tv's.

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Re: Errrm

"The new technologies result in new work that hadn't previously been envisaged."

Sometimes. Can you point me to a proof in any economic theory that the number of new jobs gained must be equal to or better in terms of pay compared to the ones lost?

Worker wages in the U.S. have been stagnant in real terms for decades even though worker productivity and corporate profits have increased tremendously.

This was claimed to be impossible by the apologists of Capitalism as stated 30 years ago and earlier.

Why were they wrong?

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Re: Errrm

How has the automation of the company you work for depressed the workforce in corporations that you do not work for?

Dirty diesel backups will make Hinkley Point C look like a bargain

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Re: Heads in the cloud or so far up their...

"Ok, fair point. With sufficient research we could be," - Coward.

You are two decades too late.

China is the world leader in renewable power, and will remain on top for the rest of your, and your children's lives.

Denial of reality has economic costs.

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Re: Not a real big fan of creating waste that can kill life millions of years from now

You do realize don't you that all those large tubular florescent bulbs in office buildings - the trillions of them out there, in every business in the world contain 20 times more mercury than any CF bulb.

In addition if the energy used to power the CF bulb comes from coal, less mercury will enter the environment with the CF bulb than will be released into the environment by burning the coal needed to power a conventional bulb replacement.

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Re: one of the two main candidates for the US Presidency is a climate change denier.

Meanwhile the Earth is now warmer than at any time in the last 120,000 years.

Hillary Clinton is not a fool denialist.

Republican cowards often feel a need to lie about such things.

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Re: zero carbon means a significant amount of nuclear

"Bollocks. Fact-free anti-science." - Phil.T.Tripp

Hmm. I suspect that climate scientists know a bit more about climate than Phil.T.Tripp.

A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn't done, global temperatures will likely hit dangerous warming levels in about 35 years.

Six scientists who were leaders in past international climate conferences joined with the Universal Ecological Fund in Argentina to release a brief report Thursday, saying that if even more cuts in heat-trapping gases aren't agreed upon soon, the world will warm by another 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) by around 2050.


Ransomware victims: Just pay up, grin, and bear it – says the FBI

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So let me get this straight. Companies produce bad software that is vulnerable to online attacks, and that often gives the attackers root access to the OS.

Then they put this software on line so it can be attacked and often give root access to the attackers.

Then when users of this software are attacked and bad things happen, they demand action from government to stop the attacks, while ignoring the fact that they would be secure if

1. The software wasn't crap.

2. The software wasn't on line.

3. They were too stupid to realize 1 and 2.

Hold software developers responsible for their failures and software will become secure overnight.

Massive global cooling process discovered as Paris climate deal looms

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Re: Cue Liberal tears in 3...2...1...

"Mankind cannot alter or change the planetary climate in any meaningful way. "

The Drudge Report Stupids are here.

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Re: For the REALLY long view

"we need all that CO2 to fend off the imminent ICE AGE."

Yes, it will be needed in 3 to 4 thousand years.

So it is even more unreasonable to be dumping it into the atmosphere today.

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Re: So-

"Chaotic system can operate within a bounded range, it's just very difficult to predict where it will be within that range at any given point in time."

And that implies that there is an "average" position within that region that is well defined.

Hence a bounded chaotic system is on average predictable, even though it's exact state is not.

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Re: @AC

"Except that a) the adjustments aren't always 'up""

The last set of adjustments made by the NOAA and NASA lowered current temperature estimates, and lowered temperature estimates from the 70's through 90's even more.

Are you jabbering your own nonsense, or are you jabbering the nonsense fed to you by someone else?

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Re: So-

"depends, when the system is fundamentally chaotic, in it's actual sense, then there is little or no point in trying to model it."

Entirely false.

If a system is chaotic then over the long term it's precise state can not be determined. But the precise state of climate is weather, and no climatologist is trying to predict the weather.

Climate models predict climate. And that is why they do not predict high frequency transients like the lower rate of warming seen over the last 2 decades. Those transients are averaged away by the models.

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Re: So-

"Personally I'm not convinced we're seeing anything but noise."

Fortunately scientists know better than nobodies.

Vendicar Decarian1

Re: So-

"IPCC will have to, again, massage their data"

My goodness. Such ignorance on display.

The IPCC doesn't produce "data", and doesen't even do data analysis.

The IPCC produces a meta analysis of climate research, as well as reports that are dumbed down so that non-scientists can read them.

I always find it laughable that the people who whine about the IPCC never actually know what the body does.

Kinda like Sarah Palen begging to be the head of the U.S. department of energy so that she can change environmental regulations when in fact the energy department doesn't do that king of thing.

Dumber than dumb.


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"religious lunatic"

Awwwwwww... Do the denialists get upset when they are called deniers?

Poor babies.

Vendicar Decarian1

"I'd agree that the current climatic model are far too simplistic"

But since your knowledge of climate models is zero, your opinion has zero worth, doesn't it?

Vendicar Decarian1

Re: VOCs

"Nowhere near as good a finish as pre 2007 gloss"

Well, if you are buying your paint from Walmart, you should know that you are purchasing low quality paint.

Capitalism has after all produced a race to the bottom in terms of product quality.

Vendicar Decarian1

Re: VOCs

No, not all gloss paints yellow. Yellowing in gloss paints is often due to the oxidation of oils that carry the resins that give the high sheen.

"Higher quality" paints won't yellow.

Vendicar Decarian1

Re: VOCs

Typically yellowing is a result of the oxidization of Organic Compounds (VOC), and a low content of Titanium Dioxide - which is what makes the paint white.

If you don't want yellowing, avoid paints with low Titanium dioxide levels, and vegetable oils.

Vendicar Decarian1

Re: VOCs

Some of the best paints are classified as zero VOC.

What are you jabbering about?

Arctic summer ice cover is 31st highest ever recorded

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Re: This again?

I've generally stopped reading the Register because Page and Orlowski are so stupid.

The fact that the Register keeps publishing their idiocy tells me that much of what comes from the Register can't be trusted.

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Re: This again?

No scientific evidence will convince denialist morons like Page.

Android 5 lock-screens can be bypassed by typing in a reeeeally long password. In 2015

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Re: Disable copy/paste on the lockscreen

How about the fucktard C, C++, etc, programmers learn to check the god damn end of buffer before they write a character to it?

K&R should be burning in hell for their stupidity.

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Re: And nobody considered...

Well, it is a buffer overflow error, and as all C programmers know, the solution to a buffer overflow error is to make the buffer bigger.

WHY can't Silicon Valley create breakable non-breakable encryption, cry US politicians

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Re: Never Happen

Where is the encryption plugins for Email?

Vendicar Decarian1

The Republican half.

50% of Americans are incapable of learning.

They don't need to.

Their Conservative political ideology tells them exactly how the world works.



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