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'iTunes in the Cloud' has arrived in iTunes 10.5 update


half working

(I'm in England) iTunes said under help>check for updates at around 1AM that 10.5 was available. however, on clicking download, nothing happened. Apple software update told me nothing was available. so, i connected to a US VPN and apple software update then said it was available, so i updated it (understanding that this could cause regional problems). At first, only books and apps would show (just like before) in previous purchases. then, music finally appeared. however, it failed at re-obtaining any of my music. when i returned home this evening, i ran the itunes installer and selected 'repair'. then, previous music purchases would download (not sure if the repairing fixed it or it was just an apple issue early on). As others have said, TV shows still not showing in the UK. This is a real pain, and I really do hope that TV shows are 'allowed' (what, do Apple have some dodgy deals with networks detailing how shows can be distributed??) in the UK very soon :/ (I had to delete seasons worth of TV shows from my iPod before syncing to clear space a few years back)



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