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Google opens Android music store in iTunes' face

Xin Eoph

I am honestly not sure if you're serious.

Avira anti-virus labels itself as spyware

Xin Eoph

Use Linux.

Relevant: http://xkcd.com/272/

Devs still frozen out of Android ice cream source

Xin Eoph

Oh really?

A few hours ago, Ars just posted that Google WILL release the Android ICS source code, once it's available on devices

Source: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2011/10/google-says-android-40-source-code-to-be-available-soon.ars

Spoke too soon, Reg.

Hadoop: A Linux even Microsoft likes

Xin Eoph

To the coward:

since when does your one brush with Linux define how the entire os works for everyone? I've installed it successfully on all my computers without problems. And no, no crashes so far.

Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China

Xin Eoph

above: stockholm syndrome

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