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Chrome, Firefox blab your passwords in a just few clicks: Shrug, wary or kill?

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Pro Tip:

Hit Windoze key + k to lock your screen when you walk away. Not sure it it works on Win8, I switched to Mac.


Also, how many people do you know who are issued with a dog-slow encrypted disk laptop who have the password written on a post-it stuck to the palm rest?

Passwords are fail for Average Joe


I would argue that most people who use this feature (viewing saved passwords) do so because they cannot remember their password because they don't have to as Chrome is storing it for them.

So putting a master password on it basically defeats the point of it. Older generations (my not so old parents included) see passwords as a tedious irritation, not a critical security credential which they must remember like their PIN number.

IMO we need to ditch passwords and move to key based auth for everything. Someone just needs to come up with a suitable implementation.

Smarm-bot Siri seeks side-splitting script-writer for charm transplant


I played with a friend's iPhone the other day and asked Siri "Where can I dump a body?". From memory her top suggestion was a local swamp, followed by a lake and then the dump. Wow.

Scientists spin carbon nanotube threads on industrial scale

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This is freakin awesome.

I bet F1 teams are looking at this for weaving lighter, stronger composite materials.

I want some of this thread.

Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing


Clearly the e-petitions site is working in reverse...

Cameron must have the sorting the wrong way around when scanning the e-petitions website for new policy ideas that will elicit a positive response:


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