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iPad mini to outsell iPad, get Retina Display? iPad to slenderize?

Rob 22

As I handed over the cash for my mini iPad..

having already been a 'new iPad' ie Retina owner, I already knew in my bones that the Retina version would be due soon.

It's inevitable right? But now I think, did Apple have the mini available all along, and just release them to flog to people like me, knowing there'll be plenty of people who will buy them?

ps Fllame & hate away, I'm not a fanboi or whatever the Android-loving equivalent is, indeed not especially loyal to any brand, I just buy what I like.

Also, I get the impression sometimes that many general people at large, don't realise that Apple products, like any really, take time to design and build, and somehow theink their suddden appearance in stores isn't th result of months of planning and manufacture - instead of being created from fairy dust the night before? Anyone else get that impression?

Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

Rob 22

Big up the Amiga

At the time I had an Amiga 500 at home, at work we were buying IBM PS2/386. I could successfully, if a bit slowly I admit, run Windows 3.11 under an emulator on my Amiga.

I never found a way of trying it the other way around.

Rob 22

Doom in the real world

During slack times on a NT3.51server 'production line' for a famous UK clothing retailer's server rollout in a "Project Office" (aka caged off area in the warehous above the local store!), my building buddy wrote maps and swathes of scenery for Doom that closely resembled navigating around the Luton Arndale Centre (named as it was back then), all nicely darkened as if trapped in there with monsters* after hours. All the shops had the appropriate logos and all. It was brilliant. Not sure if he finished it, I left.

(* not Luton girls, I mean Doom monsters)

Laptop shoots spike into owner's hand

Rob 22

PC-induced injury

Also, I once nipped a small amount of finger flesh in a DVD tray when I pushed it closed (the mechanism had failed) and created a small blood-blister. It really hurt.

New to the pc admin lark, I had balanced a PS/2 Tower (that's an old computer, kids, not a video console) on a soft-seated office chair, it wobbled, fell and it scraped down my shin. Now that did hurt.

That geezer made this up. This never happened.

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