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Panasonic DMR-HW100 HDD DVR


PVR adverts

I have a "Dual" brand freeview PVR that cost me £80 from Asda 5 years ago.

It has a full-width program guide with NO ADVERTS and a handy vertical red bar that tells me at a glance what is just about to start/finish, plus a thumbnail description of the program I am flicking past.

SONY/PANASONIC et al - pay attention to this.

I am ready to buy a freeview HD recorder.

I want it to be at least as slick as the Turkish PVR that sits under my Japanese telly.

I haven't bought a Radio Times in 25 years.The obtrusive ad on the left-hand third of my screen is not *ever* going to coax me to change my mind!



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