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Heart Internet stops beating, starts Monday with big portion of FAIL


Re: Interesting...


ANN-IE-LATION: Microsoft to axe support for older Internet Explorer next week


Re: for whatever reason are still running Windows Vista...

May I recommend Xubuntu? My 80 year old aunt had no problem moving over from XP 2 years ago, I altered the theme to look very similar, set up Claws Mail to look and behave like the mail client she was used to and she uses it daily, she hasn't had to trouble me since.

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest



Not so much "oooo" maybe but definitely at home. "oooo" should be reserved for play-devices, no need for it on work machines, nice and simple will do.

Can neighbours grab your sensitive package, asks Post Office


Re: Obvious problem.

Or a self-employed programmer like me who works at home. I'm always more than happy to take in the woman next-door's toys and appliances.

Web hosting



ICUK for me: (www.icukhosting.co.uk)

I have many sites hosted with them for three years or so, both Linux and Windows, very reasonable prices and superb intelligent and friendly support.

IE security hole sewn up for Patch Tuesday



The point is that the latest FF is Win.version-independent so there's no excuse to use old FF versions. MS choose to lock old Windows in to old IEs for marketing purposes so yes, they do need to patch it.

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