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Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display


Maximum viewing distances

Using the Home Theatre viewing distance calculators around, you would have to sit 50-130 cm from the screen to get the benefit of the detail on this beautiful beast. I know they're not the right calculators for workstation conditions, but I can't help thinking it should be a larger screen for 5K, but then I'd need a bigger desk.

Storm-battered Rockall adventurer recalls 'worst experience of my life'


1985 again

A quick check confirms that the British Navy claimed the island in 1955. The 1985 trip was to re-affirm Britiain's ownership by having someone reside on the island, which was originally claimed to avoid cold-war enemies establishing a remote "listening post" on it.

A sentry box and beacon was constructed by the crew of HMS Tartar on the islet in 1974, when they also remodeled the peak with explosives to form a ledge. There's a rather amusing photograph of the sentry box and two guards in ceremonial uniform on Wikipedia.

EE in giant VoLTE-face as it tries voice calls over Wi-Fi... again


Signal Boost and Signal Box

I have a UMA Samsung Galaxy S2 GTI9100P from Orange. I bought this model because I'm not a BB fan and my work was suffering from the lack of a mobile signal in the place I spend most time. I live in a village with no mobile signal from any network, but a class 3 BT exchange means lots of BT WiFi APs in people's living rooms. With the Signal Boost/UMA functionality and BT Wifi, I can get signal to make and receive call and texts all around the village.

To allow the rest of the family with non-UMA handsets to get a signal at home, I've also obtained an EE Signal Box (a Femtocell) with connects to my Broadband. As a result, I have fantastic coverage, most of my calls over the last three years have been over WiFi and I've turned down the handset offered by my employer as it would be a white elephant.

EE now plagues me with requests to upgrade my (admittedly battered and battery-tired handset) but I refuse to part with it until they again offer a handset with UMA or a similar technology built in. EE customer service and retail staff tell me that they no longer offer Signal Boost, or ask what it is.

In my use-case, 4G calling will never reach my family and I - a whole mile outside a major UK city - so WiFi is the way forward due to it's ubiquitous nature. I've gotten used to standing still while making calls (so I don't move out of WiFi range) so handoff between WiFi/4G/3G/2G isn't as important to me as just having a signal.

The truth of the oft-quoted 99% coverage is that it relates to population, not square miles. There are vast swathes of the UK with no hope of mobile coverage or fast Broadband and those of us who choose to live where we are part of the 1% would love to be connected somehow, without too much fuss.

Where do I sign up?

LOHAN fans drawn to magnetic coupling


Maintain contact using rocket mass

Re: the cordless phone. It rests in a cradle, charging away using only it's own mass to maintain contact and require no extra force to escape. Position simple contacts at the point the rocket rests most force on the launch platform.

LOHAN slips BRA over BOOBIES in ballocket backronym buffoonery



Altitude Launch Ignition Control Engine

New tool turns any marketing wonk into a mobile app whiz


Not the first..

For video content delivery in mobile apps there's been an IDE for the marketing guys to go mad with since last year from KIT digital. All drag and drop nonsense like this producing applications that are probably quite similar, but hey! I use a word processor and haven't used a typesetter and design house for simple print requirements in a long time. I don't believe it's reduced the number of designers. If anything there are more, based on Apple sales figures. As companies start simple and then realize they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors with a more complex app.

Chaos feared after Unix time-zone database is nuked



IANA has a plan


I don't blame him for folding the service. He was already planning to retire, has run the service for free which many commercial companies have used extensively for commercial purposes, and he probably doesn't want the hassle of a long complicated court case when he could just turn it off and retire. It was his announcement of retirement which led to the IANA plan.

It is the likes on Red at who should look to back him at this time... if help is wanted.


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