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Re: There are more pressing privacy concerns affecting all smartphones.

Don't buy a 5S then, problem solved.


There are more pressing privacy concerns affecting all smartphones.

Phones already track your exact location, your contacts, your web traffic, who you call, who you speak to, your photographs etc. etc. etc.

If the NSA already has all of that then frankly I don't give a toss if they get my fingerprints thrown in too for good measure.

Campus Party: Did it start Silicon Britain or let 5,000 geeks sleep together?


Re: Overclocking a PC?

Indeed, this was no nerd camp. More of a pissup for the Shoreditch types that want to jump on the fashionable nerd bandwagon.

Revealed: HUNGRY frosty Arctic cleft that could eat 2 Grand Canyons


Two Grand Canyons?

How big is that in Olympic swimming pools?

How to survive a UEFI BOOT-OF-DEATH on Samsung laptops


Isn't a kernel patch kinda backwards?

Shouldn't Samsung be fixing their dodgy UEFI implementation instead? If the kernel gets patched to work around the issue doesn't that send a signal to Samsung that what they've done is ok and that the onus is on the software not to break the machine?

And if there's a way to do it on windows, how long before there's a virus out in the wild that exploits this?

Do Samsung care, have they even acknowledged the issue?

Google shreds Reader in new round of 'spring cleaning'


"concentrate on building great products that really help in their lives"

I do believe they already built such a product. It was called Google Reader.

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas

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Better graphics card than the GTX TITAN?

Will this PS4 have a better GPU than nvidia's GTX TITAN?

If not it's already out of date.

Curiosity raises mighty robotic fist, punches hole in Mars


"another proud day for America"

...of course, lets just ignore all of the international involvement shall we.

YouTube's hilarious cat videos could soon cost you $5 a month


Re: !!!

You know you can just remove all the ads (including in-video ads) yourself with AdBlock right?

Connected TVs snatch online video viewing crown from PCs


Best of both worlds...

My PC is plugged into my TV.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Re: Meh

I agree with you too. CS:S player here, but CS:GO just doesn't feel right. I mean it's all on the source engine still, but everything's been tweaked to buggery. :(

The gun sounds are horrid, accuracy is questionable (mostly due to those tracers going no-where near where your bullets are actually hitting), no silencers, fancy graphics make it harder to distinguish friendlies/enemies/background, sprays disabled by default, even the reticle feels wrong (though console commands can fix it to some extent).

It's also quite clear it's aimed at the console market. Next to no options in the menu, server browser has been shafted in favour of a matchmaking system that's worthless for any kind of non-casual play. Where's the progress bar when you join a server? I don't want to sit there looking at the console trying to figure out why it's sat there for 5 mins not doing anything when we had a perfectly good progress bar in 1.6 and source (hell, the game is pretty much effectively CS:S with some tweaks, why remove the progress bar, why remove all the menu options?) Another shocker is the "turn 180 degrees" button, I can understand the need for that on console (though tbh do twitch shooters really work on console in the first place?), but why keep it in place on PC, that's just not right man, use some skill not hit a button!

I played it for a few hours then went back to CS:S.

The current/peak player count on Steam speaks for itself, note the respective positions of 1.6, CS:S, and GO.


Firefox 15 offers fewer leaks, more frags


Fewer and fewer new features every release

Anyone else notice the trend towards gradual nothingness in their releases? Compare the current release tracking page to this time last year:



Has the rapid release schedule resulted in them gradually running out of new things to add? I guess this is a good thing maybe.

At least FF15 fixed the annoying bug with the latest version of flash in that flash content would disappear/glitch out every time you scrolled the page. Mildly annoying to say the least.

Acer: Windows 8 'uncertainty' deflates Wang's big growth aim

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I think the article title covers all angles there, kudos to the author!

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think


Re: Cat Mad? Yeah, You Really, REALLY Are

I for one welcome our new cat overlords.

I've often actually wondered about this, it would be interesting if someone were to do a large scale study on toxoplasmosis in humans. You've gotta admire it though, I mean if people could get tested and be "cured" how many would choose to do so? I mean I like cats, I don't want to be "cured" of liking cats even if there were conclusive proof it was the toxoplasmosis making me say that.

I wonder if there are other symbiotic behaviour changing infection relationships that humans could be susceptible to, maybe it's more common than we think, maybe our entire behaviour is dictated by our internal bacteria ecosystem!


"killing more than four billion animals per year"

Do I dare ask what would happen to the ecosystem if all these "four billion" animals weren't killed every year?

Dropbox blames staffer's password reuse for spam flood breach


Obvious question...

Why did they need a "project document with user email addresses"? What project could possibly require a document of all users email addresses, isn't that what the user database is for? Or was this just a select few users that happened to be quite vocal?

NASA's nuclear Mars tank prepares for high pucker-factor landing


Re: Why the sky crane?

Isn't it going to get dust blown all over it anyway by just being on Mars?

Skype: Nearly half of adults don't install software updates

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Just force automatic updates for everything by default.

Force silent background automatic updates for everything, no prompts or anything... works for anti-virus software (until an update bricks your computer... but oh well)!

Don't like it, turn it off. The rest will be too dim to figure out how to turn it off.

Ten... PC games you may have missed


Tribes: Ascend is free.

It's free, not £7.50 as the article says.

Ebuyer on the naughty step for fondleslab promo cock-up


Do these rules apply to in-store adverts?

I worked for a rather large chain store (that unsurprisingly went bust!) and came to realise that every single one of our seasonal "sales" were no such thing at all, they had never been sold before at their advertised "previous" price (price history could easily be checked on the tills... seasonal sale items had no price history other than their current sale price).

Do the ASA rules not apply to stickers on physical products in-store, or were the company just getting away with it?

UK cops cuff suspect after RnBXclusive takedown

Big Brother

Re: Need more jails

I think they've given up on the idea of a physical jail. Just create enough laws so that the entire population becomes a criminal for some reason or other and then close the borders. Give it a year or two, we're almost there.

Iranian gov mouthpiece Press TV finally gets taken off the air in the UK

Big Brother

"rather than the result of any government conspiracy"

Prove it.

Luckily much the same as the US's futile attempts at shutting down file sharing by taking out one site, Press TV is still available to be streamed to everyone on their website:


Atlassian get top G'day gong


As much as I like Jira, the latest version of Confluence is awful.

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Thoroughly deserved

Having used many a bug tracking tool I can say without a doubt that Jira is fantastic and makes my work life so much easier. :)

Ron Paul’s web campaign mired in pokey pages


Ron Paul ... largest online support networks ... bottom of the list

Then surely that fact alone proves that website load times have no bearing on online support for presidential candidates?

Attempting to liken "democracy" to "ecommerce" probably says a lot about modern politics.

Future Firefox to slurp updates silently


"Firefox, version 8, which is expected in early 2012"

Uhh, someone forgot all about the rapid release cycle.

Release date is expected to be November 8th for Firefox 8:


Firefox 9 is expected in December, and Firefox 10 in January 2012.

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