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Army had 'naive' approach to Capita's £1.3bn recruiting IT contract, MPs told


What cost per recruit?

The only number i see is 1.3bn, & it would be nice to see the numbers but the Army is 80,000 strong, say they need 10,000 a year and this is a 10 year contract.

That is 1.3bn foe 0.1m or £13,000 to recrute each person. Why not save the money on the over heads (oh silly me the is the MoD) and just advertise a £10,000 bonus you can collect after 5 years service?


Re: Actually...

Why does the govenment keep spend our money with orgaisations that have a record of failure in delivering govenment contracts?

Is there some company that ever delivers govenment contracts to specification and on budget?

xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks


Re: I don't think that's how it goes, though

The best king of boots to fill..

When I was at collage a friend from the Forest of Dean said Motor Bike boots where they best as they had straps on the side and that way the sheep's legs could be strapped against yours and you would get your legs scrached as much as in normal boot.

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth


Human moderators are thick too

My wife tried to sell her old brest pump for expressing milk, now our baby is on solids and Facebook Market blocked it. She then just called <brand name> pump for experssing milk, they blocked the brest free version too. She appealed and the human moderator replyed the Market Place didn't let you sell sex toys.

So with anything looking like skin being banned the site will stop getting any visitors very soon

BT, beware: Cityfibre reveals plan to shovel £2.5bn under Britain's rural streets


We alread have 1Gb fibre to "The Old Farmhouse" for under £80 per month

GigaClear is already delivering to Cotswold villages and any back water in the area.

I look out of my office window and watch the piggies in the farmers back garden.

If others play their cards right BT won't have a busness in 10 years time.

They are moving everyone to VoIP with out a cost effective offering & now the lines / Internet conectivity will be from others.

Possibly BT sport is all that will be left.

Once can but hope

Nokia scores a $3.5bn deal to inflict 5G on T-Mobile customers


Stop 5G

Don't waste money on 5G kit, just get 100% 3G coverage through out the UK if you want happy customers.

Try keeping a call on a train or in pub in the country with stone walls.

UK.gov commits to rip-and-replacing Blighty's wheezing internet pipes


Why so long? & BT is toast

Living in a Cotswold village BT gave up on FTTC for us so Gigaclear cabled us and I now pay £70 per montth for 1Gb up & down. Considering the villages in the middle of nowhere that now have this service which has come from BT saying F-You to FTTP in under 3 years, why so long for you city folk to catch up?

BT is now toast their hosted service is 3 times that of others, they wont let you connect to their SIP trunks unless you buy their overpriced hadware, now the Internet backbone is going to be provided by others, what will they do?

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer


Forced Changes

When you have a boot manager for dual booting Windows 10 or Linux, it gets disabled so you can only boot into Windows 10.

One Drive auto sync gets installed & loads on boot even when you have removed One Drive from the PC

There will be blood: BT to axe 13,000 employees


They are getting out of PSTN - so they don't need so many people

The market is moving to VoIP, so bussness & residental only need an Internet connection - 1 per customer. No switching voice at the exchanges, no income from phone calls, so they need less people.

But you can garentee the ones that go will be the ones who know how things work & how to get things done.

Apple, if you want to win in education, look at what sucks about iPads


If money is really tight

If money is really tight why are schools buying apple products, when android is cheaper and better?

PM urged to protect data flows post-Brexit ahead of Munich speech


Project Fear is still alive and well at camp remoan.

In all these stories just substitute US for EU and you see what rubbish it is,

We are at the top table with the US for spying on people, and we are not part of the north american trade alliance.

The EU & UK will still find a way to share info outside any currently being negotiated stitch up where we keep paying our money to subsidise life in Eastern Europe.

No, Windows 10 hasn’t beaten Windows 7’s market share. Not for sure, anyway

Big Brother

What about next year

I under a year Windows 7 will have joined XP as unsupported.

With the end of XP there was a reasonable alternative, so what is going to happen over this year?

BT boss: Yeah, making a business case for 5G is hard


Re: queer

You want your taxes wasted get the govemment doing it.

5G is sexy & you don't want the UK left behind do you minister?

Here sign here & show the UK is open for business.


BT having to justify to it's share holders why they spent billions on a technology that wasn't needed rather than giving them lots of dividend.

I don't know about getting 4G everywhere, I would be happy with 100% 3G coverage on any one network rather than having to have a dual SIM phone EE + Vodafone to hope for coverage

Avaya thinks it's found a new voice, by singing the same old song


£6000 or we end support

Avaya customer came to me as their current support company had just told them

"Avaya IP Office have replaced their current contact center software with one that does less and you have to upgrade to it as support for last years version ends in 6 weeks. Give us £6,000 to "upgrade" or we will stop supporting your system."

Avaya charges resellers for each customer they have or they can't get bug fixes

Avaya have upset the channel that much that we are all happy to have a reason not to sell their kit.

I agree with the editor of Comms Business when he predicted that 3 years after Avaya gets out of chapter 11 they will cease to be.

Do we need Windows patch legislation?


All products have a support life

All products have a support life, after that it's tough.

But we have to keep using "x" as "y" will only work on that.

Possibly you should have made a better choice than "y" or ensured it would run in a broader environment.

How much only works in IE or IE6?

New Royal Navy Wildcat helicopters can't transmit vital data


Re: And they have to land to ask for directions !!!

It reads as it was a UK pilot "The Ministry of Defence said the pilot had been taking part in a visual orientation exercise when he lost his bearings." And look at the size of the thing.


And they have to land to ask for directions !!!

Watch the video on BBC news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-38996750 of Helicopter pilot lands to ask for directions in Kazakhstan.

And it that doesn't worry you about the competency of the West, compare these photos of defence ministers


AMD's had a horrible 2016: Never mind, it lost slightly less than half a billion this time


Just get some easy names

Intel have:

i3 for just Web folk

i5 for people who run office

i7 for people who need full power

AMD have a series of numbers than mean nothing to "normal" folk

You have the right to be informed: Write to UK.gov, save El Reg


Should it be two laws not one?

Self regulation has failed every time in the past which is why we are where we are now. And the IPSO is not what Leverson proposed, the big papers have just put forward their option & the government has said OK.

There are two levels of exposure, the dailys specialise in personal (who slept with who) & corporate corruption which doesn't sell papers.

I don't care who slept with who, but I don't want my taxes being wasted because of back handers, contracts being awarded due to corruption & the SFO is a waste of space. Magazines get this into the public domain, and are happy to challenged in court, but why should they pay for a regulator that isn't designed to cover their reporting?

Don't believe the 5G hype! £700m could make UK's 4G better than Albania's


Forget 5G or 4G

Forget 5G or 4G just give me full 3G coverage and a double digit Internet connection.

What the government can't grasp is the map of crap land base broadband is the same as the map of iffy / no 3G with no hope of anything better.

Just get every where a basic service before you wasting my tax money on futures that the industry can fund itself it it wants to.

Internet of Sh*t has an early 2017 winner – a 'smart' Wi-Fi hairbrush


Your Photo

Looking at the photo you used to illustrate this item, misses the same point at your artical.

The woman in the bathroom only has 2 shelves with a few nicely spaced bottles of goop, every bathroom I have seen that is used by a woman is full of bottles of stuff to make themselves more beautiful. They just can't stop themselves buying another bottle of beauty aid, so the manufacturer should be onto a winner, except most women only add social media apps to their phone. so possibly not.

Bottles / creams in the bathroom are the same as shoes:

Women > 30

Men < 5

Before you flame me go home & count

Why your gigabit broadband lags like hell – blame Intel's chipset


It's not games it's VoIP

Our customers with Virgin all have VoIP issues, lots of Jitter, Virgin say the don't support VoIP we now know why.

Sh... IoT just got real: Mirai botnet attacks targeting multiple ISPs


It looks like an ZyXEL - even those without 7547 management

We look after a number of sites with different ISPs we buy ZyXELs for those with basic requirement and have found both AMG1202-T10B's & AMG1302-T10B's that have been taken over - just look in the time server settings.

A port scan shows 7547 or 5555 isn't open so how they got hacked is a mystery to us & curently ZyXEL too.

Britain must send its F-35s to Italy for heavy overhauls, decrees US


It's a war plane

Looking at the direction of travel of Turkey we will soon have a war plane who's engines are made by dictator who is best buddies with the man that is trying to start a fight with the west.

Can we please have some more bits for our planes so we can stop you friend from invading Ukraine / Poland?

Apple seeks patent for paper bag - you read that right, a paper bag


Eco is just marketing

If apple had a genuine breakthrough in eco bag design and they cared for the planet then they would want people to copy and develop their idea.

VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it – not just a few bad apples, allegedly


Should fail MOT but cheat in place there too

My Audi A1 with the low emission engine, had it's first MOT a month or so ago, as part of the test the engine is meant to run flat out & the exhaust levels checked. But it can't, when stationary the revs are limited to 1500, low speed, low emissions, MOT has to let it through.

The developer died 14 years ago, here's a print out of his source code


Helping People Out of a hole never pay

I my experience the people who find themselves in this mess - lots of broken old kit and nobody to help them are there because they don't want to spend any money. Once you have fixed it there is no need for them to pay you & they know this before they asked for help.

The bigger the hole the more money you need from them in your bank account before you do anything.

If we don't know you, and you came to us for help you can pay up now, or no help.

Now 80% of the time the pay and the work is done, the 20% were never going to pay.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


There is no FTTC in central London

We have lots of customers in central London & there is no FTTC available there, hence no take up.

This is for 3 reasons:

1) FTTC is Fiber To The Cabinet, with distances being short lots are direct to the exchange so no chance

2) Even if there is a cabinet then the ducts to it are full and BT can't dig up the roads to lay new duct.

3) Targets are set against homes & these are businesses, so they don't count.

BT seem to be fiddling the figures on homes covered by enabling the exchange, claiming the coverage (getting the government money) but not actually enabling the cabinets or connecting people. Both my local exchanges are enabled with zero people connected, and plenty want to.

Huawei Honor 5X: Swishy fingerprint tech for the mid-range


A bit of prejudiced show here

I got a Dual SIM + SD card Honer 6 a year or so ago, it has had the updates and Honer Branding team keep inviting be to London launch parties just because I registered the chinese edition phone with a UK postal address.

As a tech person I like the phone asking me do I want x app to access my contacts / location & the call black list has all the PPI callers in 10 seconds after the first called.

Two day battery life - thanks agressive power management / big battery.

Remove the prejudice and you have a great phone, I used to by HTC flagships but why would I spend twice as much?

So why exactly are IT investors so utterly clueless?


Possibly the rest of the world is catching on

In this weeks...


Brit cops accused of abusing anti-terror laws to hunt colleague


We needed an anti-anti-terror law

None of this is new anti-terror laws are ALWAYS abused, and nobody gets punished but live damaged.

What we need is a law that says if you as an individual are involved using anti-terror legislation for non-terror activities - 5 years in Prison fixed sentence.

Policeman / Council worker / Police commissioner - bring them to account

Amazon reveals $50 Android-ish Fire tablet it will axe in two years


Its fine as an entry level machine

With 1.3Ghz & 1Gb RAM it all you need. But have you seen the top apps list (on the side of the amazon.co.uk page).

Just now they where:

2 iPlayer

4 Netflix

5 ITV player

Good Luck in selling content to them.

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends


If you are not on the network how does it get you the password for access to the network

Isn't this the same as the message you get from your ISP when you phone them to say you can't get onto the Internet and you need their help - For help please visit our website for answers to common questions.

Unless MS push all the passwords of everyone you know to your PC in anticipation, you can only get the Office Wi-Fi password when you are already connected to the Office Wi-Fi, and to have done that you would have needed the password.

ZTE's stealthy Nubia: China-made Google-free Android mobe


Re: Looks nice

The are ones out there with Sd card slots like my Honor & with fast charging & 3100 or in the lenovos 4000 mAh why would need to change the battery, you can't flatten it in a day.


Re: App wanting access...

My battery is bigger, I dont have ac Wi-Fi but the rest is a match. But at 1/3 the price, why have a Ui upgrade when a) Lollipop still isnt stable & when it is I can get a new phone and still have change. Currently updates are every 2 months.

Chinise backdoor, didn't you read its now the law for everything sold there. So if its not made or sold in China you might be safe...


App wanting access...

I have an Honor 6 dual SIM from China, before any app can access any new feature I get a warning request pop-up screen is great. It has some Google apps on it but Huawei has loaded all it own replacement for Google Land, with contacts / photos / data all backed up to Huawei. Google in China is pointless as it blocked by the great firewall, so the manufactures are providing he functionality themselves which should encourage brand loyalty.

I use Google contacts & I don't live in China, so I just loaded the .apk and now it works like a Western Phone but with built-in protection from apps asking for things they shouldn't. It cost £250 has 3Gb RAM 13MP camera 64Gb SD card 5" 1920 x 1080 screen 3100mAh for me that is a Flagship at under half price.

With most phones being made in China why is it the ones made for the West come at over twice the price of those sold locally?

Dear departed Internet Explorer, how I will miss you ... NOT


Your best post for months

It might be that is was my journey too & I still use PSP for all my graphics (pasting diagrams together for users who need pictures to see what connect to what and still get it wrong).But you missed out the free t-shirt (that I still have) for being one of the first to download over dial-up the latest version of IE. that was posted to me while living in New Zealand - a proper 50,000 global freebie.

Shareholders pen outraged letter about Ellison's bulging package


Easy Answer

If they don't like what is happening then they should just sell their shares.

My guess is they are just busy crying all the way to the bank.

German iron meets Monaco's highlands: Audi A1 review


I have had the old one for 2+ years

It's a fun car, mine is 1 up from the base diesel, (no fog lights on that), I have a heavy right foot and it tells me I have averaged 53.5 mpg & 36mph. It's happy doing 90 on the M5, so happy that, she who must be obeyed didn't notice the speed & wondered why I was suddenly pulling over to the hard shoulder & getting out of the car.

I am 6' 2" ad on the sports could sit in the back with the drivers seat in my driving position (1 knotch left) but on mine the rear leg room isn't there. The 2 year old in her car seat has to take the middle seat with her feet between the two front seats.

It's a good car, with no road tax and a low fuel bill, but I think you need the A3 or the sports version to be comfortable in the back

Buying memory in an iPhone 6: Like wiping your bottom with dollar bills


Re: Sigh! ...Industry issue... not an Apple one...

It the same when buying a new car they make the big money on the upgrades built in SAT nav £1000 CoPilot on my phone £25

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS


Re: BBC content is no longer worth the Licence Fee.

We only watch things via the iPlayer after it has been broadcast - but that is only 1 or 2 program max a week. So we don't have a license or an aerial connected to our TV, and for many younger people broadcast TV is an irrelevance.

I do think it's stupid you can watch the iPlayer with out paying.

When I lived in a mobile home - they wouldn't provide a licence as I didn't a postal address for it, just my work one & it wasn't there.

The licence system is a mess.

Rejoice, Windows fans: Stable 64-bit Chromium drops for Win 7 and 8


Same story as yesterday

Don't you read your own rag?


Feel free to BONK on the TUBE, says Transport for London


Pay By Phone

Where do I get a Pay by Bonk App for my Android phone?

I can't see one in the UK for

Google, Lloyds, Barclay Card, MBNA, Visa or Mastercard

If there isn't a NFC Wallet how can I use my phone?

EE in giant VoLTE-face as it tries voice calls over Wi-Fi... again


VoIP over someone elses WiFi

We sell Office Phone systems that support SIP apps on smart phones and that not all WiFi networks will let you use VoIP over them.

I can sit in Weatherspoons & connect back to the office as an extension and enjoy a beer, if i liked over priced hot milk i couldn't connect as Starbucks blocks VoIP over it's WiFi.

Some of my customers with 4G phones want to use SIP VoIP extensions on 3G but its blocked.

So we have a Mobile phone network company expecting VoIP to work on others WiFi yet it like all the other Mobile phone network companies don't let VoIP work over 3G or 4G.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Apple is KILLING OFF BONKING, cries mobe research dude


a) I need Google UK Wallet to work

b) The only place I can wave my Credit Card is the Post Office, I don't see the symbol on the card readers any where else.

The Banks got the chip & pin readers out why hasn't it happened with the Pay by Bonk?

Still trying to run when most people can't even walk.

Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up


Why make it hard?

Just get a Buffalo link / Terastation, user level access control, DLNA for linking to the TV & Bit Torrent built-in for downloads. It's a single box solution, and it can back-up by itself to it's twin in the garage for when the house burns down, or dives fail. It will send you an email each day to say it's up to all working & backed up OK.

Gr8, it's the new M8! Ideal for that celebrity funeral selfie


Re: Getting closer

If you are still using a Desire I think the main issue is you don't want to spend the £550 an New phone costs. The Desire like earler PC can't cope with newer software & should have been replaced 2 Yeats after release.

As for fixed battery how many time in the first 2 years did you change the battery?

Smart phones don't last a day of heavy use, most people just charge on the go, either via a PC or battery pack even if the batterycan be changed.

I will be buying the dual SIM version of this phone or if its too tall to fit in my jeans pocket the Sony waterproof compact. And yes I do use both features my traveling phone is a Lenovo dual sim waterproof gem, but its a bit slow and the screen could be bigger.

What % of the 'Not for me" writting in any comments area are REALLY as free with their cash as opinions?

Life support's ABOUT to be switched off, but XP's suddenly COOL again


How many holes?

Isn't XP the most secure OS out there?

It's holes have been found and patched, or are you saying the naughty people have been saving up exploiting weaknesses until MS stops the fixes just so they have a free run?

Army spaffed millions up the wall on flawed Capita online recruiting system - report


Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..

How is it the same list to which you can add PWC keep getting work, which is never:

a) Do the basic job - forget meeting the specifications

b) Arrive on time or on budget

And how when they fail to meet the above can the contracts continually be written that we the Tax payer have to pay for it & pay to get fixed. When in the SME world the customer would just refuse to pay for any of it / demand a refund?

TomTom GO 6000 satnav chews on smarties and tablets


Why the hardware?

Why do they even think of linking to your phone for data download?

When for £35 you can have TomTom on your phone or £27 you get (the better) Co-pilot both covering the whole of Europe?

App on your phone wins as it's

a) Cheaper

b) Not another box

c) Has data update built in with extra effort

d) It's with you anyway


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