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Google Nexus 7 Android tablet


Tethering a 7 incher

Been using a Kindle Fire with ICS on my daily commute for many a month now. Tether it to my lowly Xperia play and the phone easily lasts a day even though the xperia play isn't renowned for having a marathon battery.

Pretty super combination really. Fire is small enough to fit in my pocket and the ICS rom runs really smoothly on it (CM9 based). Tethering is seamless - I have a little widget on my home screen to turn it on and off with a single touch. Connects really quickly, no drops, recovers from loss of 3g signal , connection and data still works even when making calls. The only thing missing from the Fire is bluetooth imo - and possibly some meatier speakers. 8gb has been plenty. Nexus looks superior in almost every way. I'm very tempted.


Anonymous Twitter alternative developed for rioters


"It's anonymous too, so not only are you able to send out relevant information to a small radius, but it also disappears, there's no record of it, so no one can come after the person who sent it."

Just as easy to abuse it with mis-information then. Whats to stop the rozzers anonymously vibing.

"Quick everyone - we're moving the protest into the back of the big police van".



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