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LG BD670 3D Blu-ray Disc player

Marco 4

The Devil Is In The Detail

I bought this device a while ago for mainly two reasons:

1: I wanted to watch IP TV like iPlayer, 4OnDemand, Demand 5 and ITV Player.

While iPlayer can be watched using an App, there don't seem to be apps for the other players. I expected to be able to solve this problem by watching these using a built in browser. But guess what: There is no browser! It seems that LG have removed the browser application from their LG Live on blue ray players (it apparently does exist on LG TVs!)

2: Use as CD and DLNA Media Player and Renderer (audio and photos) to stream music from my TwonkyServer.

Unfortunatly, the user interface is quite slow and not really suitable for large libraries. No problem I thought: I use it as a renderer anyway and use my Android phone or PC to controll the device as a DLNA renderer. That does work to a certain extend ... except that it plays MP3s too fast when sent from any controller. So if you want to enjoy music as it is supposed to be then you have to navigate using the LG UI.

While I receive automatic software updates regularly none of these issues have been fixed. Having contacted LG support regarding these problems I don't think they have the intention to add a bowser. The MP3 redering problem I think they didn't even understand.



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