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Henge Docks Docking Station

Design for life


Isn't the Byte-dock £99.99 now? The difference in price is not that far away!


Byte-dock MacBook Pro port replicator

Design for life

I have a 2011 13" MacBook pro and now a Byte-dock.... I have no idea what a clamshell mode is. But I will say, I plugged my Mac into the dock and it works fine.

I'm running a 26" 1080p Lg monitor and the graphics are amazing, as the reason I got a MacBook! It happens to be black, so the dock doesn't look out of place next to it.

If you were one of the first to follow this product on facebook (I am a geek, and I did) you would have seen the pole they did for the colour. Black was by far the best, in my opinion!

I agree that it costs a load, but then so did my MacBook... I am happy to pay for something that works.



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