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Ten... all-in-one inkjet printers

Matthew 36

Inkjet... never again

Five years ago I bought a canon MP830 MFP... mostly for its double sided scanning ability, and the scanner worked flawlessly up until recently when the lamp went. As a printer however I'm less impressed. The quality of the printer is excellent, both photos and documents, however It takes 5 cartridges, 3 colours and 2 blacks. I hardly ever print out in colour, but somehow the colour cartridges empty regardless. If any one of the cartridges is out, you can't print (though you could scan)...These cartridges are hard to find now, and have slowly been increasing in price over the years. So the other day I bought its replacement, a black and white canon laser printer (MF4550d), also with ADF scanning (single sided only - I wish I'd read the specs more carefully - going to have to write a script). If I want to print out a photo, there are plenty of places that will do this cheaply.

Inkjet... never again.

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