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Councils tout £1.2bn for IT whizkid to grab their backend

Matthew Wombell
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As per usual

I completely agree here... There are plenty of smaller companies who could club together and make things work for them. As long as you aren't transferring staff from the council this could be done for a fraction of the £1.2bn they are reckoning!

I reckon it should be developed for that in millions not billions! But hey my devs will never ever get a look in as we are "not a big consultancy". Gee.

Hey ho, back to keeping cogs moving in businesses not councils.

El Reg in email address blunder

Matthew Wombell


Thanks for the free e-mail addresses earlier. As we're signed up for the DPA too then I'm one person that isn't going to be spamming or selling those e-mail addresses.

No point in posting anonymously... I'm no longer anonymous anyway!

But good on you for putting your hands up and telling everyone that it had happened. I'm sure those of us who have this list will be responsible IT professionals... but we know what the chances of that are.

Let us know what the ICO has to say back...

BBC website ditches modules in facelift

Matthew Wombell


Well, I can honestly say it's a bit 'different' but looking at it on a first gaze it seems far too busy. I quite like the box look which the current page uses as you knew where the content would be and at a glance you could see if any of that content had altered.

The issue which hits me that on a full HD panel there is a lot of space either side of the main content and the hidden content just pulls my eye away from the content. Simple fix there though, make the overlay a bit heavier to hide the content a little better and shrink the arrows a tad too.

Got to stop looking at it though... it's giving me a headache. I'm not against the change, but there are a couple of small tweaks which would take it to another level.

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