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UK mobe network Three launches legal challenge over spectrum auction


To paraphrase...

...Please bar two thirds of the competition from bidding so we can share the new frequencies with O2.

Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband


Re: Self check

> It was BT wholesale/openreach who put the line in.

But who is your service provider?

It may have been installed by Openreach, but if it's a LLU line (e.g. SKY, TT), BT will have no idea what telephone number they have allocated, so the number checker will fail and the address should be used instead.

Comms providers call on Ofcom to get tough on Openreach


Competition - But only where we don't compete

Point 9: Openreach is no longer the only provider BT can use.

Point 10: Openreach does not inhibit investment by independent network operators

So they want to prevent Openreach from operating networks where others have a presence and force the rest of BT to use that instead of Openreach?

"We shouldn't have to compete with Openreach, so they should be barred instead"?

Ex-competition watchdog and TalkTalk adviser calls for Openreach split from BT


No altruism here

The calls for Openreach separation from other telcos are nothing to do with improving service to the consumer, but rather competitors trying to protect their own commercial interests by weakening their competitor.

Cicada 3301: The web's toughest and most creepy crypto-puzzle is BACK


Re: Aliens recruiting

Or Mercury Rising

Be chums offer 1Gbit/s fibre-to-the-premises in London


What isn't said is just as important

"The company's initial strategy for rolling out its tech appears to be relying on large residential buildings such as blocks of flats to sign up to its FTTP offerings."

So the cynic in me says this will be a single 1Gb pipe shared amongs multiple (10's or 100's?) of flats...


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