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xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks


So any child/teenager can go to Twitter, hunt out their favourite porn stars, follow them, simply click on "yes, view profile" after being warned about sensitive content and get access to pornographic pictures and videos? And this would be perfectly fine because twitter has less than 1/3rd pornographic content.

Obviously that's just one example of how this legislation achieves absolutely nothing.

Germany has a problem with the entire point of Amazon's daft Dash buttons – and bans them


Re: Drawer full of buttons

I think you'd have to start thinking about increasing the number of possible DHCP leases on your wifi network as well, that default /24 is going to fill up quickly with all of those bloody buttons stuck everywhere :)


If these dash buttons are primarily aimed at home staples (washing powder, toothpaste, milk etc) then surely it's the sort of thing you would pick up in your normal shopping routine? What's the point of using these to order your dishwasher tablets and washing powder, when you still have to go to your local shop (with a large range of options) to buy everything else?

It's also a terrible use of delivery traffic, with vans out dropping off individual everyday items.

Chuck this on expenses: £2k iPad paints Apple as the premium fondleslab specialist – as planned


Re: 2000 quid?

"People spend close to £2000 for a MS Surface Pro, they run Office on it, nobody called them "idiots".."

Erm, yeah they do..

Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app


Re: Let this be a lesson

That's a lot of power being used there...

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square


Re: Google is a primarily software company

Google is primarily a data mining company, that produced certain bits of software/web apps to further this.

Now that all flagship phones are pretty much the same, Apple has to rely more on the software now.

Besides, in the early smartphone days, Apple was more of a hardware "packaging" company, than a hardware company. How many of the individual hardware components did Apple actually make in the early iphone releases?

Intel’s first 10nm CPU is a twin-core i3 destined for a mid-range Lenovo


It's not a particularly interesting chip, agreed. But why does the first chip of a new generation need to be top of the range?

It's designed to go into a cheap, efficient laptop, so obviously has no need for 50 cores and 200Gig of RAM.

Due to the difficulty they've had with 10nm, did you really expect the first CPU to be some sort of Goliath?

Yes, people see straight through male displays of bling (they're only after a fling)


My partner recently commented about her friend's husband's Porsche. Telling me something like "they must be doing well, he's got a flashy car!".

I replied that her two year old reliable Golf was worth about 4 times what his 14 year old Porsche cost, to which she seemed very surprised.

Google Pixel 2 XL: Like paying Apple-tier prices then saying, hey, please help yourself to my data


Re: It's not for me then...

So your argument is that it's best not to have an internal DAC, because there's a small percentage of purchasers (that consider themselves "audiophiles") that would like to use an external one? Well that's convenient for the rest of the population.

You imply that external DACs are often better, this often isn't the case. What method of clock locking is possible between the Pixel2 and an external DAC for example? The protocol (I2C for example), What's the type of crystal and accuracy in the Pixel2?

Smart meters: 'Dog's breakfast' that'll only save you 'a tenner' – report


Re: I have one because ...

There was an article a while back, showing that you'd need to do something like 20 wash loads on the weekend to make those "free electricity" weekend deals worth while, otherwise you're better off with one of the many cheaper suppliers.

It was simply a marketing gimmick.

If you need to use electric heaters in order to save money, then you know that smart meters aren't a good thing.

What happens in the winter, with a medium sized house? You would need a total of about 12KW+ worth of electric heaters dotted around the place, a horrible way to heat a home.

My current suppliers gas price is 20% cheaper than British Gas's, that's about £280 saved.

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired


Re: Go Samsung!

You'll find most manufacturers are equally bad.

My LG TV has already lost the youtube app, and obviously LG were caught spying on us a few years back.

LG managed a total of 10 app offerings in the 3 years I have owned the TV (6 were fee paying)

Crashed RadioShack flogs off its IPv4 stash


Using a /8 for everyone to use internally wasn't the problem, it was handing out /8 or /16 to Universities or large corporations.

Regardless of whether people understood how popular the web would be, doing things like handing out 1/15th of the entire network to 1 particular company (HP) was idiotic.

When configuring P2P links, we don't use /24 just for the hell of it, we use a /30, because we're not idiots.

I work for two companies in the UK that have been allocated /16s. One uses 2 public IPs, the other 5. The reason the IPv4 space is fully used isn't primarily due to increased demand, but more due to awful planning and distribution.

Not that scary or that hard: Two decades of VLANS


Don't forget special-case trunking, with voice vlans/dot1p/vlan 0.

Working for a telephony provider we see all sorts of weird and wonderful networks. There's still plenty of businesses running VOIP on their data network. Or because they don't have access to CDP/LLDP commands through the GUI (or they don't take the time to understand it), they would rather hardcode a vlan on 100 phones, or use VLAN discovery via DHCP (urgh).

I would say about 90% of companies still use VLAN 1 throughout the network for their main data vlan, despite the security (and other) consequences.


Re: Maybe this article lacks an explanation...

"Plus the vendors like Cisco that makes you pay to add more VLANs to your devices."

That's not really the case though.

The Cisco devices I deal with allow enough VLANs to perform the job role that the device is designed for.

Most switches (where VLANs are designed to be) are restrained by the memory/IDB allocation, and not by how much money you pay.

Routers are restricted VLAN wise, but this isn't for monetary reasons. Even my basic 887VA at home will support 8 VLANs, and this is more than sufficient for a SOHO router.

If you mean ASAs, then yes they are restricted based on license. From memory it can be as low as 3 VLANs. But then you have to ask yourself why would anyone use a heap of VLANs on a firewall.

TalkTalk full-year profits rise but shares slump after raid on dividends


Re: growth, cash generation and profit

I realise I'm probably in the minority here, but I've been with them for 18months now and not a single issue.No downtime and I've had the same IP for 6 weeks now. I got an email from them last week saying that my contract was about to end, recommended I sign up for another contract (at a price that no one else could beat).

I'm well aware though that if something *does* go wrong, I'm going to curse the day I signed with them.

Apple's zippy silicon leaves Android rivals choking on dust


I don't understand what putting an ever-faster CPU into a phone actually achieves?

I don't go to bed hugging my phone, it's not that important to me in the scheme of things. It's a 2 year old LG company phone, that has the traditional set of apps, that all load in a reasonable amount of time.

Infact there's no instance where my phone feels slow.

Also, the comparison between Apple and Google R&D and advertising spend, is that specifically just for Mobiles? Or are they comparing the overall cost, even though Google has wider technology interests?

Remote unauthenticated OS re-install is a feature, not a bug, says Cisco


Re: Must be the end of world....

"Unauthenticated access or hard coded, default, credentials should be barred by default from all enterprise class kit"

What's the point in having authentication hard coded when it's new and there's no config on the device?

A router/switch with no config won't be accessible remotely, only via the console (and you can reset the config register by console anyway), but it won't be on your network because it will have no config on it!

If someone has the ability to configure routing protocols and such, then they're more than capable of putting decent authentication on them whilst they're creating the config.

Programmer finds way to liberate ransomware'd Google Smart TVs


I hate LG.

As someone previously mentioned, you had the spying incident, which was swiftly removed after it made the headlines. Although we'll have to take their word for it because from that point all all packets to LG were encrypted.

The digitizer on my LG phone recently packed up.

My 2 year old LG washing machine broke down, and the "Smart Diagnostic" fails to work as advertised.

I'll never buy an LG product again.

Nintendo's new console-tab


So it's a tablet with TV out, and attachable stuff on the side?

I know Nintendo games are colourful and fun and don't rely on fast CPU/GFX, but for once can they release a console that doesn't have 5 year old core hardware out of the box?

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook's ad-blocker buster: It's a block party!


Re: arms race @Charles 9

@Katie Saurcey

Some of us have Facebook accounts because it's a lot less effort to log on once a week and "like" a bunch of photos from distant relatives and friends you're not too keen on, than it is to actually have to see them in person a few times a year.

Block the Ads, spend 10mins clicking "like", job done.

Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?


Re: Can't even give it away

OS X isn't free. If you buy an expensive car and they throw in a "free" bumbag, do you also think the bumbag is really "free"?

EU cybersecurity directive will reach Britain, come what May


"Even after that period, UK companies that process EU citizens’ personal data will still be obliged to comply."

I assume then that this applies to every other country in the world that processes EU citizens' personal data. How are they going to enforce it?

Holy Crap! Bloke finishes hand-built CPU project!


"http://www.megaprocessor.com/index.html" -> "Problem loading page"

Is his webserver running off his new cpu?

Energy companies aren't going to slurp your personal data. Honest


And then what happens when Peak Load times span the entire evening?

The real resolution of course is to invest in more power stations, with more research/funding into Nuclear, and upgrading the Grid.

That 16billion could be better spent elsewhere.

Two plead guilty to stealing personal information of millions


That's a lot of effort to avoid spam.

I mainly use just 1 email address, and with a good spam filter I get maybe 2 spam emails a week.

It's a lot easier deleting those 2 emails than it is to manage 28 different email accounts.

Chaps make working 6502 CPU by hand. Because why not?


Wozniak designed Pong to run on just 30 TTL chips, so it's "easily" possible. Pacman uses a Z80@2mhz, but needs quite a bit of RAM.

Space Invaders would still be incredibly hard (unless it was dumbed down a lot). The game needed more juice than a 8080 could deliver, so required further bitshifter ICs on the daughterboard.

Breakout runs just on TTLs, infact I'm sure someone has already replicated that game with transistors.

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians


I have a strong feeling that even if e-cigs were proven completely safe (inc passive inhaling), and were produced with no odour whatsoever, the prejudice towards them would still remain.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


Re: One thing missing....

What's the latency and speed stability like though?

You can get some decent speeds from satellite too, but you can't do VOIP, gaming etc. over it.

TalkTalk outage: Dial M for Major cockup


Bad TalkTalk

I've never had a dialtone with TalkTalk. From the day I joined and (presumably) BT messed up connecting the PSTN side of things (internet was fine though), I've never had the use of my phone.

I tried many times to get TalkTalk to resolve this, but after months of being redirected to different departments, and automated text messages not working correctly, I gave up.

It was more grief to get it sorted than living with the problem, and that's how I'd sum up TalkTalk in general.

UK Home Sec stumbles while trying to justify blanket cyber-snooping


But if it's well publicised that GCHQ has everyones browser histories/communications (which it is/will be), then that first line process will be useless anyway, because what terrorist would leave such glaringly obvious clues to his/her plans?

Cisco Jabbers in the clear due to STARTTLS bug


The quality of their code seems to be pretty good compared to most, and reported bugs are fixed very quick. As much as we all dislike Cisco for their dominance and over-priced equipment, there is a very good reason why their products are so popular regardless of price.


You base your network purchasing on whether the bug release guys have perfect spelling/grammar?

BT could lawyer up after Sky’s sport channels obligation removed


This will only hurt consumers further. If others companies aren't able to include Sky Sports in their channel listings then surely they'll be more active next time sporting rights are bid on?

I left BT broadband recently, £47 just for phone line/infinity because of all of the footie crap they keep buying.

Royal Mail mulls drones for rural deliveries


Royal Mail knows that the next addition to the snooper's charter will ask all citizens to remove their front doors, so the government can ensure there's no paedophiles or terrorists lurking within.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: Just do the flipping update

It may be classed as an "update" by MS, but it's really an entirely new OS.

Linux folk may run updates, but don't always update to the latest release, and remain on LTS versions.

Work from home when the next big Windows 10 installation arrives


Re: Please...

" and mostly because I didn't hear anyone bleating about it when Google and Apple started".

Please don't make me paste you links to hundreds of articles where people bleated about it.

It's very different when it comes to your normal PC desktop though, people thought they were safe there.

If I tell MS that I don't want it to search Bing when searching local files/folders on Windows 10 (by checking the appropriate option), and lo and behold when I type something into the search box it still starts a TLS session to bing.com, then this is something myself and others should be concerned about.

Your argument of "Others do it, it's expected, stop being ignorant" is infact pretty ignorant.

Hats off to Nintendo’s platform supremo Super Mario Bros at 30


Amazing game (assuming you were of the right age and owned a NES).

Back when game design was both extremely difficult and creative, with only 64KB for direct rom/ram, bank switching, and every bit counted.

Nintendo got it right where so many other companies failed.

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft


Re: After all, despite the hype, it's really only Windows 8.2

Agreed, I ended up blocking a few IPs (mainly the www.bing.com one) on the router after a scary-looking packet capture experiment.

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?


Re: Im sure that

"Suddenly after the iPhone was released they looked very similar. "

True, but do you not think this is more down to technology advances rather than every manufacturer wanting to make an iphone clone?

The iphone was created at a time when touch screens had evolved enough to do the job well, without requiring a stylus, and eliminating the need for a physical keypad. This meant that the rounded-corner, rectangular screen was the obvious evolutional shape.

I'd like to know how Apple supporters imagine the shape/layout of other branded phones would be if they hadn't "copied" the iphone.

I used to have a P900, which came out many years before the iphone. Take off the keyboard, and it looks like an iphone apart from it being fatter and having a smaller screen (all things it had to be due to technology limitations at the time).

Blighty tablet sales plunge 31 per cent in saturated market


I bought a 2nd hand Nexus 7 from ebay for £60, it does everything I need a tablet to do (which isn't a great deal considering it sits in the cupboard for most of the year). Useful to take on holiday.

Today's smart home devices are too dumb to succeed


There can be multiple gateways for different systems, not ideal but it would work. As long as they all use the same controller (whether that be a webpage or mobile phone apps). It would be nice if someone created an open source controller, and all manufacturers created APIs so that the controller could have snap-ins (for want of a better word).

I can't see the problem with manufacturers doing that, they make their money on the hardware (especially the hub/gateway).


The Philips Hue bulbs reset with power-loss for the reason that if the bridge dies, or you have lost your mobile, then they will still function as a normal light, using the normal light switch.

So there is method to the madness, but I agree, there should be a way to make them sync back up to the bridge (and all data stored on the bridge, as you don't want the added cost of flash/eeprom etc. on each bulb).

You picked a fairly bad example, as Philips are pretty good, providing APIs and good developer docs.

Ideally, there needs to be cross compatibility and standards (such as what they did with DLNA), otherwise you're going to get many different eco-systems, all with incompatible peripherals, meaning you will forever be locked into an individual companies IoT project.

Pisspoor EE customer service earns it a cool £1 MILLION Ofcom fine


I bet they have artwork hanging in the loo at the headoffice that is worth more than the fine.

Seriously, £1 million, that must be 1 board of directors' quartely bonus.

Apple wants to patent iBeacon stalking


Can't they just agree to meet at a certain time (drooling) in the apple store?

GoFundMe shows users how it's done, cashes in with $600m valuation


What's stopping someone making a similar website that is not-for-profit?

$600million for a 5 year old site that would be simple to clone.

Phone hacking blitz hammers UK.biz's poor VoIP handsets


Brute forcing passwords should be almost impossible if people used proper passwords for such important systems. You would think people would have learnt this by now.

When we provide a company with Voip, all International/premium dialing is disabled. We require a signed disclaimer if they want to allow this on certain extensions, and we also only allow a couple of Group Admins (once they have been adequately trained). A number of times customers have been hacked, and on each occassion they try to blame us.

LG G4: Be careful while fingering this leather-clad smartie pants


I was given the LG for a company phone, and like you I don't get too excited about phones these days.

I have to agree, the phone is very fast, has a superb camera, and the charging/battery life is the best I've ever had with a smartphone, it lasts 2 days with me (with a LOT of phone call usage).

The phone is too big for my liking though (my fault of course), and the rear buttons do take a while to get used to.

Apple recalls Beats speakers: Rap chap's crap batt rapped in zap mishap flap


Re: $325? Blimey!

£270 here. It has all the functionality of devices less than half its price, seriously who buys Beats stuff?

Theresa May: Right, THIS time we're getting the Snoopers' Charter in


At least the US pretend not to spy on its own people.

Vile woman.

Windows 10 hands on: Build 10074 is for the brave - but it's pretty snazzy


At what point did I belittle others?

I understand they have function, and from what you have said many people find them useful, and that's great. I also didn't state I wanted them to be static, but infact have that sort of colour scheme/style.

So why do they have to look so ugly? To have that functionality, why do they have to be blocks of solid bright, high contrast colour?

I don't see why you had to get so touchy about it.


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