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Cisco goes 32 gigging with Fibre Channel and NVMe

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the cost with NVMe over FC is parallelism. RoCE does it a bit better, and native PCIe is the best. (not sure if this will equate to any real performance differential (line-rate notwithstanding) in any but the edgiest of edge cases)

the benefit of NVMe over FC is that its basically free, (if your Fabric is on the steep end of the tech curve)

I still think, long term, RoCE will win, but this should help FC stay relovent for a good while yet. Either way, Whoever wins, SCSI looses. Goodbye old friend, enjoy your new life shuffling tapes around.

That is pretty, er, Nimble. Storage firm claims 'six nines' availability

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Re: Pfft!

'at least seven nines uptime, also, we cant guarantee decimal point positioning'

Well, FC-NVMe. Did this lightning-fast protocol just get faster?

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Re: I remember...

FCoE was great, it was just too expensive and too early in the life of lossless ethernet to catch on.

Pull on your branded rival T-shirt, it's time to party with Nutanix

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IT Angle


Yeah, its a good article, it contains both words and grammar, but i don't get what the rail infrastructure angle is here?

can i get a refund? :P

One (storage) protocol to rule them all?

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erm. FC is just a transport layer for SCSI anyway.

NVMe should replace SCSI for anything 'new' in 5 years, probably over RoCE but there is no accounting for

a) taste

b) expensive core Fibre Channel networks which will work fine with whatever fNVMe transport arises.

Object may replace CIFS/NFS in a similar timescale, but i doubt microsoft will react well to anything disturbing their CIFS protocol, which is tied into everything from cluster management to printer management....

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FC_AL still works... if your a masochist.

Flashy startup E8 set to launch after cash injection

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I bet my lunch the front end is RoCE based, its cool to see the dice start to fall on fNVMe.

Hard to tell because its early days for the whole stack, but RoCE looks like the better horse to bet then NVMe over FC which, from what i have seen, repackages all the RDMA stuff into a more standard request/responce structure to keep packet size similar. wether or not thats a big enough crutch to burry the protocol remains to be seen.

if they end up using iSER i will cry forever. God i hate iSCSI.

Disclaimer: I am a frequently incorrect protocol nerd.

Lost little X-IO lays off ~75 staff in Colorado as it shutters factory

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sad times for startups

Sorry to hear people are loosing their jobs, hopefully everyone lands ok.

You keep using that word – NVMe. Does it mean what I think it means?

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iCANT believe this iWARP nonsence,

seriously didn't we learn from iSCSI?

If you take a good protocol and force it over an IP network;

then offer it for a fraction of the price of the equipment serving lower level protocols actually *built* for this;

At least two things will happen:

1) everyone will buy your cheep solution, well done, have a cooky and enjoy your holiday in Barbados.

2) no one will like it because it runs like half a dog. the protocol will die out and we will have another 20 years of SCSI sense code troubleshooting; like our fathers before us.

Samsung is now shipping a 15TB whopper of an SSD. Farewell, spinning rust

chris coreline

naaah, 3 disk raid 5 m8, it will be sweet

Emulex joins Brocade, ATTO and QLogic in 32Gbit/s FC sprintfest

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FC; still not dead.

I still have relevant experience!

Eurovision Song Contest uncorks 1975 vote shocker: No 'Nul point'!

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EBU/EDF is a broadcast organisation - its an infrastructure; if you watch any european football you are probably watching it over something they own; 'Eurovision' is just the brand.

In short, its as much 'palm greasing and paper envelopes' as renting a DVD is grand larceny and manslaughter.

Cisco needs to get off its backside if it's to remain storage king in 2016

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Re: No real storage DNA

Now i feel old.

I remember when the Cisco EMC M/A was a foregone conclusion and just a matter of time.

Crazy time to work in storage

Could NetApp buy SolidFire? It would be outside its comfort zone

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Re: NetApp To Make $1.2 Billion Bid For SolidFire: Sources

give you good odds its 'source' is this article. :P

SpaceX starts nine-day countdown to first flight of the new Falcon

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not to be a downer but explosions look better at night.... :P

Off-key Violin Memory stuck on a bridge over troubled waters

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are they going to drop the price so i can put it in my gaming rig?

Infinidat to flog Brocade storage networking gear

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"Infinidat has developed Soft Targets to decouple logical from physical networking ports, allowing failover when a physical port becomes unavailable due to port or node failure"

is this new? Vendors have been trying this since NPIV was stable enough to make it work.

Old school Fibre Channel gets new lesson in NVMe treatment

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too early to think of a relovent pun

There's life in the old dog yet! I was starting to come to terms with the twilight years of FC but it looks like this will give the lads a reason to push for 128G

chris coreline

I know of at least three All Flash array vendors using NVMe on the back end. We can assume everyone is getting ready to switch stack from SCSI... Honestly, m not sure it would be a massive job when you look at the other features these vendors have airdropped into their arrays...

How to get the fun stuff back in your data centre

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ahhhhh Dat Cray-1. What a beauty. We need more weird shaped kit.

Never mind the new guys, take a train from our trusty Data Platform – Commvault

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With the train posts outnumbering the article posts i would like to point out that this thread has been.....





Your welcome.

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Re: Falling of deaf ears...

<carefully crafted size joke>

Not quite Facebook but need scale? Dell has a DSS server for you

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Economies of (hyper)scale?

EMC and Dell considering 'a combination' – report

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"The Journal's referring to the usual folks familiar with the matter.", damn i hate those folks, they get everywhere.

Dell's scaly-headed file system gets bigger and bitier

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"which can scale out to four nodes."

- 8 nodes (servers), 4 appliances (2U enclosures things), 2 nodes per appliance... that's if you have the compellent back-end.

Full Disclosure - I am Dell support (not all of it)

Brocade, wake up: Cisco is here, and it also has 16 gig FC

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Re: 16Gbps going mainstream

16g is still fabric core only - i would doubt any storage arrays actual capability to serve four 16 gig front end ports.

and a trunking license with two 8gig links is probably *still* cheaper and more resilient.

Dell kills 3-year-old object storage appliance line

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Re: Must be more to object storage?

If i remember correctly from my time working on Centerra; most of these solutions also do some pretty cool tricks with meta-data which means you have much more granular information about archiving and the like - the kind of information you *should* have on Block but cant easily map / export and also the kind of stuff you do have access to in NAS but cant really manage properly.

Space Station crew enter the Dragon

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Do NASA provide training on 'One Liners' now?

Secret's out: Small 15K disk drive market is 'growing'

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"According to our source, Violin Memory is an enterprise systems company selling against EMC and HDS, not a storage component company selling against Seagate or WD. Buying in small fast disk drives is more affordable than buying in an entire flash array"

Pro Snark. This got a laugh out of me.

Whiptail flashes new kit, launches 72TB storage monster

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honestly, if they are celebrating a full VAAI roll-out as a product feature they have probably ran out of other features to shout about... it may aswell have a big 'SUPPORTS SCSI!!!1111' on the front bezel.

HDS swaps out AMS for HUS file-block-and-object stuffed box

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neither this article nor the Hitachi website have any information on the stuff we really care about: what color is the front bezel - we had to swop out all our AMS's when we upgraded our Z9 mainframe to a z10 because the colors were clashing.

Pure Storage attacks EMC heartland

chris coreline

The final frontier

I like that the further into the future we go the more star-trek the technologies are starting to sound. Hell, ill buy some ‘phase change’ if it reduces my total cost of tachyon beam re-modulation.

Also, good odds that 2012 is the year of another raft of acquisitions for the big storage lads.

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