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Not Apr 1: Google stops scanning your Gmail to sling targeted ads at you


I see what you did there.

.... Casually glossing over the fact that no one knew Google was reading their emails when they first made the choice between hotmail and gmail. Like anyone would have said "gee i don't much care for someone reading my email, but it's ok if i get more storage space!!!" GTFO.

Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations


very clever

Keep believing your single-bullet theories, and keep believing that buildings fall straight down without explosives, and keep believing the government wouldn't lie to you.

Most likely the limey stooge who wrote this has been the recipient of a few nickles and dimes out of the billions the pentagon has been spending on propaganda. I guess that sounds like a conspiracy theory too? Go google "pentagon money propaganda" No, you won't, because 5 seconds of typing and 2 minutes of reading is too much work for the flat-worlders.

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