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Google's Nexus 5: Best smartphone bang for your buck. There, we said it


"even if you did order one at launch it won't be shipped out until November 8"

Not so - ordered mine at launch, despatched 1st November, received in the wilds of Scotland yesterday, 5th!

Mars rover will.i.am 'cast: A depressing day for space and technology


Oh for goodness sake Lewis.....

Give it up...think of the children....

Home Sec: Web snoop law will snare PAEDOS, TERRORISTS


Even worse...

The quote that is most worrying seems to have gone unheard - "The idea is to update legislation to stop them (criminals) being able to cover their tracks and keep their communication secret"

How would you read that? Are they going to try and ban encryption, VPN's etc.....??????

Roku 2 XS IPTV player

Thumb Up

Plex Channel

There is a Plex channel you can install, it streams movies from my PC with no problem but getting Plex do much else on the box is proving a problem.....

Shareholder demands RIM sell itself or spin off patents


Long period between products [usually] assures stability

If only that were true, RIM have a shocking track record for extremely long dev cycles and releasing products (both hardware and software) that is not ready for market.

The end for RIM will be long and drawn out.....

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