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Vertu-alised Android revealed at an all-too-real €7,900


"can survive a strike from a 110-gram ball bearing"

But will it blend..?

Twelve... classic 1980s 8-bit micros



TI99/4A's best game. I remember the blisters from the horribly-slippy, 2-in-one-connector, foam pad-sprung joystick...

That and trying to re-write it in Extended Basic using a load of sprites to get the scrolling planet surface. Which failed, of course.

Great machine. £199 from Fine Fare. And £30 for the cassette cable.

Laptop display pixel counts to quadruple in 2012


I've an ancient Dell in the loft with a 1600x1200 15" screen. Them were the days... (It also ran quite happily with 256MB, but that's another rant...). The 1600x900 of my new Fujitsu laptop just isn't the same. Doesn't really look as good as the 1400x1050 of my other two laptops, from 4 and 7 years ago.

I don't want widescreen, I want tallscreen. And an end to toolbars which won't co-exist on the same line with others.

LaCie CloudBox storage combo


You might need on-line backup...

LaCie have an unusual approach to customer service.

6 weeks ago, a drive died on my Quadra 4Big RAID array, in a way that wasn't documented in the manual. I contacted support (by web-page only) and 2 weeks later, they finally allowed me to return it, at my expense. (Each response took 2-3 days and each time you reply, you go to the back of the queue again.)

It arrived back just over a week later, broken. One of the drives locks was bent, so the disk didn't make contact with the backplane. For the last couple of weeks they've been trying to get "confirmation from our Logistics Team on a replacement being shipped to you". All I have is a damaged aluminium paperweight in a cardboard box.

I wouldn't buy another LaCie product if they were the only ones left in the business.

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