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Zalman ZM-VE200 portable virtual Rom drive


Much more flexible

the USB Multiboot creator can work to some extent, this device is another step up..

I hold all my dev tool ISO images as well as OS install ISO's, the only limit is the size of HDD you fit in..

I've also run into some linunx live-cd's that have been poorly created such that they expect the files to be on a CD drive, something the USB creator doesn't fully emulate in the same hardware way.

Plus, having the dual mode is handy, all my drivers/support files are also available while the image is mounted, making it that little bit more flexible..


Flaws aren't correct (for firmware at least!)

I've just bought another VE200 (The first was stolen), and I've just double checked, but it seems you may be incorrect in its flaws.

"There are flaws: it doesn't remember your ISO choice after the power's cut. And there's no way to reverse your choice other than powering down and re-selecting."

I'm using the Firmware (It's been around since the unit launched earlier in the year) and

1. I've just tested in Dual Mode, and it does remember the last mounted ISO which is remounted when the unit is powered up again.

2. You can select another ISO on the fly by just using the Jog Wheel, then pressing it..

3. You can change modes (Between ODD/HDD and DUAL) from the menu too..

It's a great little unit, there are some reported ISO's that don't work properly, but I've found it works amazingly well for the wide range of OS's and dev tool ISO's I've used mine for..



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